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Gona’s Gone

The Battle for the Beachhead New Guinea 1942

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Authors: David W. Cameron
WWII, War in the Pacific
155mm x 230mm

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With the Australian troops crossing of the Kumusi River in mid-November 1942, after pushing the Japanese back along the Kokoda Track to the north coast of Papua New Guinea, the time had come to face the entrenched Japanese at their beachheads at Gona, Sanananda and Buna. The Japanese were determined to fight to the last man in the defence of these critical positions.

The first beach to be captured by the Australians was Gona, which fell on 9 December after bitter fighting. This, however, was not the end of the fighting around this beachhead as just west of Gona, on the opposite side of Gona Creek a larger Japanese Force had been landed which was intent on not only reinforcing Gona, but also Sanananda and Buna, both located east of Gona. The fighting west of Gona Creek would be just a brutal and deadly as the fighting to take the Gona Beachhead. Even so, after this fighting Australian and American troops, operating together for the first time in the Pacific War, were still bogged down in the battles to take Sanananda and Buna, the fighting at these beachheads would continue into January 1943.

David W. Cameron

David W. Cameron

David W. Cameron completed his PhD in 1995 and was subsequently awarded an Australian Research Council (ARC) Post Doctoral Fellowship at the Australian National University, followed by an ARC QEII Fellowship at the University of Sydney. He has published a number of books on Australian military history and science and over sixty research papers in […]

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1 review for Gona’s Gone

  1. Cameron is to be congratulated for his diligence in putting such a book together. The men who served in that campaign are no longer with us except a
    few who are now well into their 90s and books such as these will give the younger generation an insight into that campaign.
    I recommend this book to those interested in Australia’s military achievements during the Second World War and look with pride at those men who served. All in all, a great read.

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