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Googol Boy

and the peculiar incident of the great quiz trophy

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Authors: John Michael
Children, Learning,
128mm x 198mm

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A hilarious new series featuring an average teenager grappling with his super-charged brain.

When an unassuming, rather clueless teenager is zapped by lightning while working on his computer, he absorbs all the
information off the internet and his (very) ordinary brain starts to exhibit extraordinary potential.

As Howie struggles to control his new-found power he is faced with all sorts of hilarious predicaments, from contending
with mega-mean teachers to being ridiculed by the school braniac, a petite know-it-all determined to humiliate him.

Can Howie overcome the enormous obstacles before him to defeat his annoying arch-nemesis and solve the peculiar mystery of the stolen Great Quiz Trophy?

John Michael

John Michael

John Michael is an English teacher by day, where he does his best to instil a love of literature into the heart of every student who wanders into his classroom – willingly or unwittingly! By night, he transforms into a writer – creating new worlds for young readers, full of unpredictable scenarios, zany humour and […]

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5 reviews for Googol Boy

  1. “Googol Boy turned me into a giggle boy. John Michael knows how to make readers laugh and keep on reading!” – Chris Grabenstein (New York Times bestselling author of the Mr Lemoncello series and other great books.)

  2. “Milk-out-your-nose funny! Absolutely fantastic and truly hilarious. It’s going to make for a great series. One can’t compute just how hysterical this book is and every paragraph is a lightning strike of hilarity. Every kid’s dream come true.” – M. P. Kozlowsky (Award winning author of Rose Coffin and Juniper Berry.)

  3. “Reading Googol Boy is a romp, a riot, a rambling through everything that makes school wonderful and ridiculous at the same time. Read it! It will help you survive!” – Gary. D. Schmidt (Two-time winner of the Newbery Honor Award and a Printz Honor Award for Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy and The Wednesday Wars.)

  4. “Googol Boy is a great read with a winning protagonist, hilarious jokes, clever wordplay, general insanity, and useful information such as the difference between brabbensacks and sackenbrabs!” – J. A. White (Award winning author of the Shadow School series, the Thickety series and Nightbooks (now a Netflix series)).

  5. “A refreshingly original, laugh-out-loud, action packed story. In the tradition of Roald Dahl, Googol Boy presents a deliciously vile line-up of teachers and a teen protagonist everyone will be cheering for. From the moment Howie becomes super-intelligent in a freak accident, every page sparkles with clever dialogue, hilarious twists, and fascinating facts. Kids will absolutely love it!” – Poppy Gee (Author of literary thrillers Vanishing Falls and Bay of Fires. Poppy has worked as a journalist, editor and book reviewer and currently teaches journalism and creative writing.)

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