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Grandpa and Tuska PB

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Authors: John Phillips Illustrator: John Phillips
Family, Young Children, Dementia
230mm x 260mm
A welcome addition to our collection and we look forward to sharing with clients.
We are so grateful to the expanding literature that speaks to children around the difficult and oftentimes confusing subject of dementia. Dementia Australia

Tuska is a young elephant who loves spending time with his grandfather. And Grandpa loves spending time with him. Tuska never grows tired of Grandpa’s thrilling stories about being a young elephant and thinks Grandpa is the wisest elephant he knows.

But Grandpa is getting old, and what’s more, he’s getting forgetful and, well … he’s acting rather strangely these days!? His stories are not making sense and sometimes he doesn’t even recognise the other animals. Grandpa’s behaviour is making Tuska feel scared.

When Grandpa goes missing, Tuska is determined to risk everything to bring him home. But who will save who? Grandpa and Tuska share one last adventure together with a surprising outcome …

The problems of old age and dementia touch many families. In Grandpa and Tuska, John Phillips has created a gentle, up-lifting story that will help children understand and cope with the difficult changes that often come with ageing loved ones.

John Phillips

John Phillips

The Duke of Hinklewinkle, Johns first book with Big Sky Publishing has been shortlisted for the 2018 Book of the Year, Australian Speech Pathology Awards.  John Phillips was born and raised on a dairy farm in rural Victoria in 1959.  Surrounded by cows, dogs, chickens and horses, he developed a strong affinity with all sorts […]

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4 reviews for Grandpa and Tuska PB

  1. Through the voice of a little girl the reader experiences what can be missed and gained when big

  2. (Age: 4-6) Highly recommended. Themes: Family Life; Australia – Social Life and Customs – Twentieth Century. Granny’s Place is a nostalgic story that celebrates the loving relationship between a young girl and her grandparents. Memorable visits to the family farm are beautifully described; the simple joys of bouncing on the springy beds, sharing freshly baked bickies and cakes around the wooden kitchen table and stamping through carpets of pine needles. Packing up the farm and moving to the city after Pa’s passing, brings new challenges. When Granny’s welcomes the family to her purpose-built red brick bungalow, the mood changes, no pine needles, ducks, hens or geese, no shrieking metal gates. Granny’s love is constant, she still bakes for her family and welcomes her grandchildren. Shane McGrath’s engaging illustrations encapsulate rural and city life in the 1960’s. The evocative narrative is enlivened by the earthy palette of greens, reds and browns, energetic characters, detailed vignettes and large sweeps of white space that focus the eye. Take time to explore in the old mudbrick farmhouse, there’s Pa’s World War 1 memorabilia, the old pump organ ready to be played and treasures hidden in old suitcases. Alison Paterson’s sensory descriptions bring these warm memories to life. This is a delightful picture book to share with grandparents and great grandparents. A great resource for the Early Years History and Social Sciences, comparing how family life and places change over time. Rhyllis Bignell, ReadPlus

  3. I have a copy of John Phillips book, Grandpa and Tuska.

    A wonderful story written and illustrated by John Phillips and published by Big Sky Publishing, in which John shares the experience of life’s little stories to the child reader in us all. The Mumbo Mountain Gang include a collection of stories such as the ‘Grandpa and Tuska’ one. John has a collection of the Mumbo Mountain Gang yet to be shared further with clever morals and upbeat treasures lost in many new tales.

    I was recently fortunate enough to meet with John in his ‘natural environment’ …..
    John was kind enough to share with me some his direct insights along with some of the secret thinking and workings behind the ‘Mumbo Mountain’ gang and other stories he writes.
    His passion for writing exudes, John’s sharing of information ‘my wonderful experience’.

    The book alone is a really warm story of belonging.
    I’m truly interested to see if John gets his box set

  4. (grandpa & tuska) a welcome addition to our collection and we look forward to sharing with clients.

    We are so grateful to the expanding literature that speaks to children around the difficult and oftentimes confusing subject of dementia.

    Dementia Australia

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