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Great Aussie Cook Off

Family Favourites

Cooking, family recipes

Fantastic cuisine. Food is central to the Aussie lifestyle and the bond that brings friends and families together. Everyday around Australia people from diverse backgrounds and cultural origins get together to cook their family favourite recipes purely for the pleasure and enjoyment it brings. The Great Aussie Cook Off – Family Favourites features more than 100 fabulously simple recipes gathered from the entrants and contestants in the latest reality TV series, The Great Aussie Cook Off. While a competition to find the best family of cooks in Australia, The Great Aussie Cook Off is an inspiring and entertaining celebration of the family meal occasion featuring simple meal ideas and solutions. Culminating in a TV series that will air nationally on the 9 Network from October to December, The Great Aussie Cook Off celebrates family values in a unique and inspiring format. While essentially a simple, everyday cook book, The Great Aussie Cook Off – Family Favourites brings great recipes to life with a rich family tradition. Accompanying each recipe are family photographs, entertaining and inspiring family stories and the dish they passionately create.


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