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Hitler’s Assassins

(20 customer reviews)
Authors: Steve Matthews
Fiction, WWII
153mm x 230mm

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In 1938, as the world spirals towards war, Klara Koch is employed as Hitler’s personal domestic cook. While Germany reveres the image of the Fuhrer, Klara and the household staff are privy to the real Hitler – his secrets, his ailments and his addictions. As Klara observes those circling the Fuhrer, she realises that not all of them are his admirers. Hitler is right to be paranoid. This thoroughly researched and compelling story takes readers right up close and personal with Hitler as he spirals increasingly out of control in pursuit of his drug-fuelled quest for world domination.

This novel – the second volume in Steve Matthews’ gripping Nazi trilogy – takes you on a journey through World War II in Nazi Germany as seen through Klara’s eyes. It is a uniquely clever re-imagining of Hitler, his inner circle, and the absurdities and contracdictions of his daily life.

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews’ work in children’s literacy in Australia and abroad has been widely recognised and acknowledged, and his acclaimed children’s books are sold in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. After selling his business interests, Steve has now fulfilled a life-long ambition to write full time. Hitler’s Brothel is his second novel for adults. […]

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20 reviews for Hitler’s Assassins

  1. Steve Matthews is an assured writer with a clear mission. He joins many contemporary historical fiction writers determined to unearth details and untold stories of this dark period of twentieth century history. He adeptly weaves his imagined story with an abundance of researched material, some of which will be unknown to readers and which helps paint a picture of the time, political alliances, machinations, social movements and the Zeitgeist (forgive what has become an overused word). Hitler’s Resurrection will complete the trilogy.

  2. This work of fiction based upon historical facts is a very unique WWII read.
    Look forward to reading the third novel when it is released

  3. As someone who gravitates to WWII historical fiction, this well written re-imagining of Hitler and his inner circle is told from a totally different perspective than I’ve ever experienced. It grants a closer look at a heartbreaking time in history that resulted in up to 60 million deaths, of which 40 million were civilians, and utter devastation throughout most of Europe. In the author’s notes, we learn that Mr. Matthews’s descriptions of Hitler, his inner circle, his employees and senior military officers are based on many hours of research and his own opinions of their personalities. I found it very fascinating learning about their lives and backgrounds. I wanted to know what kind of a mindset could ever have a person complicit with such hatred and atrocities committed against other human beings. Although Hitler’s Assassins can be read as a standalone, it is the second volume in Steve Matthews’s compelling Nazi trilogy. It is available to preorder now, and will be published September 29, 2021. I highly recommend Hitler’s Assassins, and am looking forward to reading the first volume, Hitler’s Brothel, and then the third volume, Hitler’s Resurrection, releasing in 2022.

  4. This novel was able to give us every character perspective imaginable, while also keeping us informed of the war timeline. I often forget that aspect and each battle and conflict that happened along the way, as I get tied up in the concentration camps and Nazism, so I loved how easily that was woven into the story.

    Klara’s slow realization of who Hitler and his men were, their long list of terrifying plans, and what she is unwillingly a part of, was heartbreaking yet satisfying. All of the discussion of her as the chef was also so interesting, as I never considered who fed Hitler and how important a chef might have been in his every day life.

    The touches from Hitler’s Brothel made the storyline even better. I am so happy I read the two books in order (definitely recommend it if you can!!), although they absolutely can be standalone reads.

    Knowing a good bit about Hitler’s inner circle from a ton of reading, documentaries, and an entire Hitler course in college, I was eager to see Matthews’s interpretations of them. I was not disappointed:

    -Goering is forever a standout character of the Third Reich, and his portrayal was beyond my wildest dreams (or nightmares). His bratty, loud, scheming self lived to its full potential. Reading of his late and current wives and his struggling relationships with the others in the circle were some of the most enticing parts of his story.

    -The overall view of everyone’s interactions, paranoia, plotting, and jealousy was also a favourite part of mine.

    -Finally, the showcasing of some of the Nazis’ “human sides” adds so much, as we connect with them one moment and snap back into reality the next. Hitler’s late night talks with Klara show him opening up with his emotions but then suddenly showing coldness and nonchalance as Klara brings up concerns of her own. That alone shows so much.

    Finally, in both Hitler’s Brothel and Assassins, it is so appreciated that the author summarizes his writing and creative processes at the end. I formed questions throughout about certain choices and reasonings that were made, and the author’s notes answer many of them. I also find the explanations to be extremely respectful given the topics at hand and the multitude of opinions and interpretations that have come beforehand.

    Thank you, Steve Matthews, I can’t wait for the third installment!

  5. Hitler’s Assassins stole the show this month. If you haven’t bought this for the Historical fiction fan in your life, do it now!

  6. HITLER’S ASSASSINS is the second in @stevematthewsauthor intricately researched novels about the Nazi Uprising.
    As a huge fan of WW11 historical fiction, I like to think that I know a fair bit about the events and people, but this re-imaging of Hitler and his inner circle is incredibly compelling .

    Learning about the backgrounds of some of the most famous men in the Nazi Party and the way that Steve writes their personalities, is so unique to other historical fiction that I’ve read.

  7. This thoroughly researched and compelling story takes readers right up close and personal with Hitler as he spirals increasingly out of control in pursuit of his drug-fuelled quest for world domination. This novel – the second volume in Steve Matthews’ gripping Nazi trilogy – takes you on a journey through World War II in Nazi Germany as seen through Klara’s eyes. It is a uniquely clever re-imagining of Hitler, his inner circle, and the absurdities and contradictions of his daily life.

  8. A uniquely told story
    This well written re-imagining of Hitler and his inner circle is told from a totally different perspective than I have ever experienced.
    I found it fascinating.
    It the second volume in Steve Matthews’ compelling trilogy. I highly recommend Hitler’s Assassins. Am looking forward to reading the third volume, Hitler’s Resurrection in 2022.

  9. All I can say is, where have these books been throughout my many years of obsession with Hitler, the holocaust and WWII?
    Matthews research and care for the subject shows, as he creates fictional characters that seamlessly blend in with the horrific landscape. You feel as if you are in the same room with Hitler and infamous buddies.
    I seriously couldn’t stop reading
    Couldn’t recommend enough
    Can’t wait for the third

  10. I read the book in record time for me. I truly could not put it down. The story moves along at a pace and has you wanting to read on to discover who what and how. Congratulations, the story was enjoyed from beginning to end with no boring bits!

  11. I truly enjoyed this read.
    What makes this book so engrossing is the primary POV of a young woman forced to become the a private cook for Hitler. Her POV helped me vividly imagine what life must have been like for the average German during WWII
    If you enjoy historical fiction I highly recommend this book.

  12. I loved Klara.
    I loved how you ended it, that you left the reader guessing.
    The flow of the story was perfect and the characters all become very real. Having read quite a few Holocaust books myself, I felt that I knew some of those men already, but after reading Hitler’s Assassins, I feel that I know them just that little bit more. Well done Steve!!
    Am looking forward to the next one, Hitler’s Resurrection. Very intriguing title.

  13. Hitler’s Assassins is exceptionally well researched.
    I would highly recommend this for all history buffs.

  14. ‘Hitler’s Assassins is full of intriguing plots and betrayals’
    ‘I highly recommend this book’
    ‘Once I started reading the book I could not stop. I just had to know what was coming next. I cannot wait to read Steve Matthews next book in this gripping trilogy’

  15. I absolutely loved this book from beginning to end. The story captivated me right from the very first page by the engaging and unique writing style to the intriguing and shocking story line.
    The story is intricately researched and details disturbingly real events. I believe it was a great concept

  16. They say the sequel is never as good as the first, but I think Hitlers Assassins is the exception! Steve Matthews’ latest release is yet again another wonderfully written story that takes you on the unfathomable journey of Klara Koch and those within Adolf Hitlers’ inner circle and I could not put it down!

    It is hard to imagine ourselves in amongst the trying circumstances of World War II, but Steve finds a way to put you right there! I felt as if I had a front row seat in the show of Hitler’s insanity and paranoia and I couldn’t look away.

    I felt so deeply for the characters, but especially for Klara, Hitlers personal cook. I wish I could fully encapsulate how much you feel while reading about her journey. It is truly a story that keeps you wanting more and the betrayal, the secrets, the twists and turns will linger with you long after you’ve put the book down.

    Whilst I expected Steve’s words to captivate me the way they did in book one ‘Hitlers Brothel’, but never did I expect to be taken on such a ride! If you’re looking for a story that keeps your eyes gripped to every page, yearning for more, then I highly recommend picking up a copy of Hitlers Assassins!

    – Emma Houghton

  17. This book was chosen by my book club, I didn’t know about Steve’s first book, Hitler’s Brothel, and I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy a book about World War II in Nazi Germany.

    I was so surprised at how easily I slipped into the world of Klara, Hitler’s personal cook, and the ‘real’ inner world of Hitler. Reading about the secrets and betrayals and seeing them unfold made this a book I could not put down. I love good character books and Steve has not failed to give both exciting character stories alongside historical fact. He just did both so effortlessly and in such a captivating way.

    Steve writes so well, I was hooked from the beginning. I have gone back to read his first book and can not wait to read the next. Steve proves that World War II books are not just for historical enthusiasts but also for anyone who loves gossip and to be transported into deeper and different character perspectives. Thank you Steve Matthews.

  18. You know those books that follow you around when you finish it? Yep….this is one of those.

    Where to start? Well, it’s 1938 and we follow MC Klara as she goes about her awful life. Firstly orphaned, treated terribly by everyone and then stuck married to this gross guy Bernd, the father of his daughter.

    Things get worse for her when she goes to work for Adolf Hitler as his personal cook. She’s torn away from her daughter, the only person she really loves and forced to live in the same house as Hitler and hid workers.

    From there the story unfolds and it’s almost like the reader gets a personal front row seat to the workings of Adolf Hitler and his close associates. We watch as Klara hears and sees secrets , lies, stories and events that she shouldn’t and we, as readers are right there with her.

    What a writer Matthews is. Could not put this down. Totally engrossed from start to finish.

    Thank you Big Sky Publishing for sending me this copy to read and review.

  19. Totally engrossing, I had a very hard time putting this book down.
    A masterful blend of WWII historical fiction, mixed with well-crafted fictional characters, conversations and imagined events – that feels so real it brings this harrowing slice of the past to full technicolor life for the reader.
    Seamless in its flow, the author adds layers, background and nuance to a story well-known, building a compelling picture of the very complicated essence of a hard-to-fathom man, – Hitler – along with some key members of his inner circle, together representing history’s most despised true-life characters, each deservedly regarded as the absolute epitome of all that is evil.
    With a fascinating twist, the story unfolds with the introduction of Klara, a humble and innocent young German woman who is forced into a position as Hitler’s private cook. The author’s depiction of Klara and her evolving view of Hitler, and her Homeland, and all the events that transpire, is pitch-perfect – as she comes to experience and understand with mounting horror what is actually being plotted and executed by the military leaders behind the closed doors of Hitler’s summer home, and what it will mean to her own life. (It’s hard for the reader not to draw parallels with the terrifying realization of how close we all came to actually becoming Klara.)
    As difficult as it was to read, I loved this book, – the horror and the brutality even more unbearable as we see the atrocities as they appear to “real” people and their families, in direct contrast to the absolute disregard and chilling other-worldliness exhibited by the demons spearheading the logistics of their inconceivable plans.
    Klara herself could not be more relatable – a truly magical combination of heartbreaking vulnerability, and a core of steel that presents itself when it comes to protecting those she loves. No spoilers here, (you have to read the book), but it’s safe to say my heart broke completely and utterly for her, personally, as it did for the millions of Jews and other prisoners we may never meet as horrifying and disturbingly as we do between these pages.
    The second in a trilogy by the author, I will definitely have to find the time to read the first in the series, and with that cliffhanger ending, can’t wait to read the sequel.
    A great big thank you to the author for an ARC of this book. All thoughts presented are my own.

  20. If anyone likes fiction blended with fact, this does it very well. I had not read Steve Matthews “but this worked well as a stand alone book. Mind you, I am so impressed with this one that I am now going to buy Hitler’s Brothel and his new one to be released in October. It is the story of a woman taken into the household of Hitler as a cook, and I literally mean taken. Her relationships with both fictional and real historical characters are interesting. I found Klara to be a character I cared about. I highly recommend it.

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