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Hitler’s Assassins

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Authors: Steve Matthews
Fiction, WWII
153mm x 230mm

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In 1938, as the world spirals towards war, Klara Koch is employed as Hitler’s personal domestic cook. While Germany reveres the image of the Fuhrer, Klara and the household staff are privy to the real Hitler – his secrets, his ailments and his addictions. As Klara observes those circling the Fuhrer, she realises that not all of them are his admirers. Hitler is right to be paranoid. This thoroughly researched and compelling story takes readers right up close and personal with Hitler as he spirals increasingly out of control in pursuit of his drug-fuelled quest for world domination.

This novel – the second volume in Steve Matthews’ gripping Nazi trilogy – takes you on a journey through World War II in Nazi Germany as seen through Klara’s eyes. It is a uniquely clever re-imagining of Hitler, his inner circle, and the absurdities and contracdictions of his daily life.

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews’ work in children’s literacy in Australia and abroad has been widely recognised and acknowledged, and his acclaimed children’s books are sold in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. After selling his business interests, Steve has now fulfilled a life-long ambition to write full time. Hitler’s Brothel is his second novel for adults. […]

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1 review for Hitler’s Assassins

  1. Steve Matthews is an assured writer with a clear mission. He joins many contemporary historical fiction writers determined to unearth details and untold stories of this dark period of twentieth century history. He adeptly weaves his imagined story with an abundance of researched material, some of which will be unknown to readers and which helps paint a picture of the time, political alliances, machinations, social movements and the Zeitgeist (forgive what has become an overused word). Hitler’s Resurrection will complete the trilogy.

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