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Hitler’s Brothel

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Authors: Steve Matthews
Fiction, WWII
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‘War and what it does to people. No one escapes it’s clutches …’

Two sisters are cruelly separated by war in tragic circumstances. Ania is imprisoned in a concentration camp in Poland
and Danuta’s search for her sister leads her into the Polish Underground. They each do what they must to survive long
enough to find each other. Their dream of being united ends in shocking circumstances. Amazingly, the opportunity for
revenge presents itself 60 years later in New Jersey, USA. But faced with the ultimate decision what will be the outcome: seek justice or revenge?

Spanning 60 years, Hitler’s Brothel follows the lives of two Polish sisters, separated by the vagaries of war. It examines their lives as well as those of their German masters.

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews’ work in children’s literacy in Australia and abroad has been widely recognised and acknowledged, and his acclaimed children’s books are sold in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. After selling his business interests, Steve has now fulfilled a life-long ambition to write full time. Hitler’s Brothel is his second novel for adults. […]

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6 reviews for Hitler’s Brothel

  1. Inspired by true events, this is an incredible story of courage and one of history’s darkest secrets.

  2. I am constantly reminded of Steve Matthews’ talent during my reading of his newest masterpiece “Hitlers Brothel”. In what is such an unthinkable part of history, Steve manages to craft a story that leaves you pondering long after you’ve turned the last page!

    Steve’s words so beautifully depict such tragedies that sisters, Ania and Danuta face in the book. Though fictional, I could not help but feel everything the characters felt, every breath they held, every tear they shed, it was as if I too was present in all of the dips and twists that were thrown their way and I couldn’t get enough!

    It is a story that I never felt I could connect with the way that I did. I found myself so deeply and emotionally invested in every single character and I wanted more for them! It is gut-wrenching and at times completely unimaginable but I was kept on my toes with every word and, in true Steve fashion, I could never predict what was around the corner!

    If you love a story that keeps you wanting more, a story that truly takes you deeper than what the history books will tell you, then this is the book for you! It is a journey far from the unicorns and rainbows, but it is a journey that you will never forget.

    — Emma Houghton

  3. ‘Hitler’s Brothel’ is a gripping novel, full of dreadful and amazing twists and turns. It pulls you in from the first paragraph. You never quite know where you are going to end up when you read one of Steve Matthews masterpieces. I started this journey, with a clear mind; having no idea what was going to happen, but I knew that I was in for one hell of a ride and Steve did not disappoint. I reckon I would have read it in one sitting if I had the time. AMAZING!!
    Though Ania and Danuta’s story is fictional, for so many, it was their life, which is why even though I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Hitler’s Brothel’, I was also very saddened and shocked while reading it. I wanted to cry out ‘WHY?’ though I knew the answer. All the characters in this amazing novel felt so real and I was able to connect with each one (well maybe not the evil ones) to the point that I felt their pain, felt their joy. Steve’s writing is so powerful, that upon closing this book, I just wanted to cry, for this book travels through one of histories most darkest hours and you feel it right in your core; what these people must have suffered both during and after the Holocaust. I am also grateful to be able to know these people, learn their secrets and share their journey.
    A wonderful tale, brilliant writing, a true masterpiece! Well done Steve!!!

  4. For those interested in WW11 and stories of sisters separated by circumstances, this book will grip you.

    The story begins in New Jersey 2000 and with Anna (Ania) now in her 70’s. A new patient arrives at the retirement home where she works and this transports Anna back to 1940 with disastrous consequences.

    The story is based on two sisters Danuta and Ania Burczyk, separated when their village is raided by the German Army, it covers their gruelling and on occasion brutal
    journey. The sisters become separated following an attack on their home, and both Danuta and Ania follow different paths whilst doing what’s required to survive.
    Obersturmbannfuhrer Baldric Fischer (head of Whysznica, close to Austwitz) created a club (brothel) using Polish girls as stock, access to The Club was used as a reward system to increased motivation in the labour force.

    The author creates tangible tension through his telling of this story albeit it on occasion, brutally descriptive. The characters come alive on the pages, and I formed empathy with Ania and her friends as they struggled to survive.
    The thread throughout this story is the concern Danuta and Ania have for one and other and the longing to reunite. This comes about under brutal circumstances.
    On hearing the Allies are approaching Krakow panic sets in and with a rebel uprising things start to unravel.

    The author describes the arrival of the Allied forces and the survival attempts of the Third Reich commandants with chilling detail.

    We are then transported back to current times in New Jersey, and follow Ania’s
    thoughts and decisions as she writes her final act.

    This story held my attention throughout and is written with great compassion for the Polish and Jewish prisoners. I couldn’t put it down.

    Helen Weideman
    New Zealand

  5. Steve Matthews’ “Hitler’s Brothel” is a great read from cover to cover.

    I was kept in suspense as time and again he kept me guessing as to which way the story was heading. I did not want to put the book down.

    I found it particularly interesting as it is based on very sad actual historical events and it kept me wondering about what I would do if I was in the situation that the characters were facing.

    After reading “Hitler’s Brothel” I am looking forward to reading Steve’s other work.

    Highly recommended.

    Ian Irvine

  6. A page-turning, gripping tale of two sisters ensnared in Hitler’s brutal Nazi regime and their struggle to survive.
    Hitler’s Brothel goes deep inside the workings of a death camp to reveal a powerfully – told story, one laced with the intrigue of deception and hidden secrets that linger across time .

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