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I Wonder (Hardback)

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Authors: Allison Paterson Illustrator: Nancy Bevington
Children, Environment
230mm x 260mm

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The little wooden boat has been left behind in the sand dunes.
Odd things pass it by, tumbling and floating into the ocean – a chip packet, a takeaway cup and a plastic bag.
The little wooden boat wonders and worries …
Is it a forgotten thing? Is it just rubbish now? Will it ever find a home again?

A powerful and timely tale of the small steps we can take to care for our world.

Allison Paterson

Allison Paterson

Allison Paterson is the author of the 2016 ABIA and CBCA longlisted title Anzac Sons: Five Brothers on the Western Front, the children’s version of her adult non-fiction title Anzac Sons: the Story of Five Brothers in the War to End All Wars. She has written four other children’s books, Granny’s Place and Shearing Time […]

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Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington is an energetic, multifaceted visual artist. Her artistic career spans over three decades, working in painting, illustration and concept creation and execution. Picture books are one of her real passions. Using her many styles and techniques she has the ability to interpret the written word and bring a story to life. Nancy uses traditional […]

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13 reviews for I Wonder (Hardback)

  1. This is a gentle story with a powerful message – we all have ability to help and to protect our oceans and its creatures with very minimal effort. As a little wooden boat bobs amongst the plastic bags and throw-away cups, he muses on what litter actually is, and the damage it can do. The colourful illustrations and added information about rubbish and recycling make this a very enjoyable and valuable addition to any child’s bookshelf.

  2. This beautiful story captures the wonderings of a small abandoned toy boat as it lies by the seaside.
    Other items lying on the beach turn out to be litter, rubbish or waste and our little toy boat begins to worry that this is him as well.
    The ending provides both a solution and a sense of hope for the future.
    This important environmental message is delivered with perfect words and wonderful illustrations and is a delight to read.

  3. A delightful and engaging story of environmental awareness. It will encourage all readers to think about the small steps they can take to care for our world. Perfect for little people everywhere.

  4. A beautifully written and illustrated book, highlighting to children the importance of valuing items and how they should discard waste, encouraging them to protect and appreciate the natural world. The journey of the little boat provides a fascinating view for readers and to see it come full circle and have a new owner restore it will captivate readers, young and old alike.

  5. I Wonder is a sensitive, thought-provoking look at how we can better take care of our belongings and the world around us. Paterson’s lively, rhythmic text never misses a beat, it’s evocative and emotive yet precise and is perfect for reading aloud. The main character is a little wooden boat who was once loved, then forgotten. As other discarded items tumble by the boat, the lonely toy questions its own worth and the value of the things that have now become unwanted.
    Through the little wooden boat, young readers can question our approach to waste as a society. The educational elements and usages of the book are manifold and will allow children, adults, teachers, and librarians to discuss the concept of waste and the benefit of recycling and reusing. The final line in the book is a question, a call to action to readers which entices them to think about what they can do to keep their world clean.
    Bevington’s talent as an illustrator shines through. Her colourful illustrations are a delightful accompaniment to the text as she skilfully anthropomorphises various inanimate objects in appealing ways. With a mix of single and double page illustrations interspersed with montages, the illustrations help maintain action and pace within the narrative.
    I Wonder should be on the must-read list for 4-8 year olds this year and it’s certain to create loads of discussion after reading. Highly recommended.

  6. Stories like this with illustrations that cleverly bring even a potato chip packet to life and which have extra details which enrich and enhance the text (check out the fishing line around the seagull’s leg), are a powerful way to deliver important messages to our youngest readers so they can start their good habits early, learn that small things can lead to bigger things (positive or negative) within the realms of enjoyable entertainment.

  7. Such a great book, kids need to keep wondering, exploring and staying curious. The environment is a beautiful thing and I am glad to help our children grow to appreciate it

  8. It is sad when children start to lose their natural wondering why. So thrilled to have a book that will encourage them to keep asking and finding solutions – love the illustrations too 💖

  9. What a brilliant concept to teach kids about environmental issues. Love the surreal illustrations. Well done.

  10. This book is so important in times like these!!! Kudos to all involved.

  11. Great book to teach kids the importance of caring for our planet.

  12. We all need to read this. I would love to share this story with the kids at the local primary school. Abbey

  13. This is a wonderful book. Love it. Keep up the good work.

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