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Using mental imagery to reach your full potential

Authors: Lydia Ievleva
Imagine,Imagination, Positive Psychology, Mental Imagery, Goals

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Learn how to harness the power of your imagination to create change and achieve personal and professional goals.

Your imagination is a powerful self-development tool. It can help you accelerate change, boost your confidence and wellbeing, and generally bring out the best in you.

Much of how we think, feel and behave is dictated by the images of your mind. You can think of imagery like a screenplay – you can allow life to play you by reacting to old and sometimes faulty programming; or you can take a more active role in creating your destiny.

Neuroscience has shown that imagery is the most powerful mental process in the brain for transformation; you can enhance your chances of reaching your full potential, overcoming obstacles and achieving your goals by harnessing the power of positive mental imagery.

This book is not about thinking of riches and rewards and having them magically appear. Dr Lydia Ievleva draws upon her wide experience in Health, Sport and Performance, and Positive Psychology to guide you step by step, providing practical and scientifically based techniques that will help you use mental imagery to achieve change and results in your life.

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“Imagine “Imagine inspires excitement for life. It is undoubtedly confidence-inspiring, enjoyable and an indispensable read. Read this book if you want to be effortlessly guided through how you can hone into skills we all have, but perhaps haven’t yet tapped into to our full potential. Lydia brings complex psychological principles and techniques to life in a totally accessible, inspiring and fun way so that it feels you are face to face with her as she guides you and inspires you to better understand your fuller potential.” Dr Laura Lum, Psychologist, Nutritionist, Yoga Teacher

Lydia Ievleva

Lydia Ievleva

Dr Lydia Ievleva is a psychologist with over 25 years of experience in practice and teaching. She is a former president of the APS College of Sport and Exercise Psychologists, and has extensive experience working with clients seeking health, wellbeing, relationship, performance and professional goals, including Olympic and professional athletes, dancers, musicians, artists, writers, corporate […]

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