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The Essential Guide for Aliens Stranded on Earth

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Authors: Tony Matthews
Autobiography, vegan
153mm x 230mm

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What would it be like to live as a quiet, intensely introverted recluse, hermit and vegan in a world that likes to party loudly and excessively?What are some of the extraordinary lengths introverts will go to in order to hide, literally, from the rest of the world?
What, indeed, is an introvert, or a recluse, and are we perhaps one of them without actually realising it?

These and many other thought-provoking questions are answered in this funny, frank, honest, outrageously satirical and occasionally slightly risque examination of a world we rarely see and of people who are often almost invisible to the naked eye.

Author and historian Tony Matthews takes us on a hilarious autobiographical journey through the mysterious and at times mystic existences of the reclusive and solitudinous vegan, delving into aspects of this strange world where ‘invisibility’ is a key element, and an intense love of all animal life a driving force.

Invisible – The Essential Guide for Aliens Stranded on Earth, is a compassionate and at times a deeply immersive experience of another completely different human perspective. Tony Matthews guides us through a compelling and entertaining adventure that will keep you smiling, chuckling and, at times, laughing outrageously from cover to cover.

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Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews is a Queensland author who has dedicated almost his entire adult life to writing and researching Australian history. He also writes extensively on military and espionage history with a specific emphasis on both world wars. He is the author of more than thirty books including several historical novels.

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2 reviews for Invisible

    Im unsure how many reclusive, introverted, vegan hermits there are in this world, so consequently am unsure how large the buying market would be if this book were just for them but what I am sure of is that Invisible’ – The Essential Guide for Aliens Stranded on Earth, the latest book by Tony Matthews, touches on universal themes, questions, feelings, observations and anecdotes that every one of us on this planet can relate to in some way.
    At times laugh out loud funny yet thoughtful and insightful Invisible is a real departure for the author, more known for his historical fact based works. Constantly wishing to be unseen and feeling totally at ease alone in his own world, his auto-biographical based journey takes us from his childhood in South Wales, around the world, to eventually settle in Australia. Throw into this mix the author being a lifelong vegan, the book also examines many world political, lifestyle and humanitarian ethics and values but all written in a humorous, honest and self deprecating way.
    Invisible’ – The Essential Guide for Aliens Stranded on Earth is a book with universal appeal and is an easy, fun read with big important themes at heart.
    WARREN MENEELY – Film Editor – Video Content Producer
    25 September, 2023

  2. Tony, TQ so much for the nice write up and for your friendship here. I wanted to mention that I am really enjoying your INVISIBLE/Essential Guide for Aliens book. Love this photo of you as a dapper young lad with a smile that shows you know your worth despite feeling like an alien.
    …So thank you for sharing your unique story, your thoughts, and your charming personality. You can tell all the vegans on here that I recommend it highly. They should all get and read it!…

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