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Lie Hunter

Become a human lie detector in minutes

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Authors: David Craig
True Crime, self help
175mm x 245mm

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Ever been lied to? Ever told a lie?

Everybody lies. Lying is part of our every-day lives and it’s not all bad. But when lies are told with the intent to harm, recognising the deception is a crucial skill we can all use.

Dr David Craig has written an easy-to-read and practical book that will help you kick-start your own ‘lie detecting’ ability and provide you with cutting-edge lie detection skills you can use straight away.

From the common situations of bargaining, making a purchase, or dealing with children through to the more serious business of negotiating a contract or identifying infidelity, he delivers simple but effective tips and techniques to see behind the facade and get to the truth.

This book provides you with valuable insights into lying that you can use immediately. Read it and benefit by applying your ‘Human Lie Detector’ skills to your day-to-day life.

David Craig achieved his doctorate in law by completing an international comparative analysis of the world’s leading undercover programs – where detecting lies can be a matter of life and death.

As a senior Australian Federal Police Agent (AFP), David led areas in Counter Terrorism, Intelligence and Covert Operations in Australia and overseas.

With both academic and real-world experience in Hunting Lies, there’s no one better placed to assist everyday people and law enforcement professionals to rapidly become Human Lie detectors.

David  Craig

David Craig

In the secret world of Covert Operations, Undercover Operatives' lives depend on their ability to both, tell lies and detect lies. As an expert in covert operations, Dr. David Craig has been teaching and researching these techniques in Australia and overseas for over 20years. He completed a professional law doctorate (covert operations) in 2000 and […]

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8 reviews for Lie Hunter

  1. Lie Hunter by Dr. David Craig is a read that’s both interesting and helpful — even if you aren’t trying to solve a crime.

    Dr David Craig has extensive experience working as a senior Australian Federal Police agent. Of course, strong lie-detection skills are part of the job.

    I think we all know that we have been lied to at times and maybe even told a few of our own. But, there are times when lies aren’t obvious.
    If you want to know if you are being lied to, this book is a must-read. When you follow Craig’s lie-detection tips, you’ll get the skills you need to find the truth in every situation.

    The book runs you through all the different types of lies, including infidelity and parenting. Plus, it helps you to focus on the ones that could cause harm.

    Armed with the skills you will learn from the book, you’ll be more likely to tell if the person you are questioning is being truthful or not.

    An awesome book to read and a wonderful skill to learn.

  2. I really enjoyed this book and found it an easy to read guide that shows examples in a light hearted way.
    It gives an insight into how to spot when someone is lying based on academic research from bargaining, making a purchase and dealing with children.
    I have already passed the book on and my family are enjoying it as well. The book does not take long to read and is quite fascinating.

  3. Lie Hunter’ by David Craig is a facinating read. David Craig has a doctorate in law and has been heavily involved in counter terrorism and covert operations in Australia and overseas.
    It is very easy to follow and interpret with photographs to illustrate points.
    I found this book informative and enlightening. It describes in detail how to recognise body and eye signals and even explains that the voice can indicate is a person is not being truthful.
    It suggests exercises where you can test lying with friends and family.
    The section on the nose and mouth is especially interesting, because who would have imagined that the nose and even the mouth can reveal a lie!
    Even speech can deliver clues that someone is lying.
    Some research has found that 55 percent communication is non verbal proving that body movement is important in detecting lies.
    Tnankyou Beautyandlace and Big Sky Publishing for the opportunity to read ‘Lie Hunter’ it’s a must to read if you are interested in body language and especially in detecting lies. A great read.

  4. “Lie Hunter,” by David Craig is an extremely informative and insightful look at an interesting aspect of human behaviour…….the art of the LIE! David takes the extensive knowledge he gained during his time in the Australian Federal Police, to divulge numerous techniques to help the reader decipher the code. As it’s “ written all over the face,” he clearly indicates what to look for, including the nose and eyes. This information would have been extremely useful to me during my career in education as well as when I was dealing with my own teenage children.
    A very informative read!

  5. This book was quite interesting and very in depth. I liked the pace of the book breaking down the ways to learn these techniques into sections. The Summary of points at the end of each section I found was handy.

    The book detailed how to detect the telltale signs that someone was lying, from facial and body twitches and how to look through these with a basic prevention method that liars adopt to cover up these “telltale” signs.

    I particularly liked Part 3 that has a reference guide with a handy section with visual cues shown and the section for recruitment interviews and parents & teachers. This will be very valuable during interview sessions with new staff.

    This book will come in handy in any part of your daily life, both at home and work and would recommend it to skill yourself up with techniques to help detect if you are being lied to.

  6. After being a fan of the show “Lie to Me” I was really interested in reading this book, it did not disappoint. With everything from why we tell lies to our body language and tell tale give-aways, this book explains it all.
    According to this book I am a ‘Lie Wizard’, someone with the ability to detect lies with a high degree of accuracy due certain experiences I’ve had. This book is a fascinating read, 10 out of 10 for me.

  7. I had the chance to read “Lie Hunter” by Dr. David Craig, and it was truly enlightening. This book delves into the art of spotting lies through body language and facial expressions. It’s well-structured with concise summaries at the end of each section, making it easy to grasp.

    The book covers various aspects of identifying deception, from physical cues to practical advice for interviews and interactions with children. What sets it apart is its real-world applicability in both personal and professional settings.

    It offers insights into the motivations behind lying and how to detect those subtle cues that reveal dishonesty. I highly recommend it for anyone interested in the art of lie detection.

  8. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read Lie Hunter. It wasn’t the type of book I usually read but once I got into it, it was very interesting.

    I find it amazing how the face can give away a person lying. Dr Craig would have made an art of this during his work with the Police.

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