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Living with Chronic Pain

From OK to Despair and Finding My Way Back Again

Authors: Dawn Macintyre
Health, chronic pain
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“Compelling and invaluable.”Dr Travis Gee, Psychologist, Pain Specialists Australia

“This book is a bible for everyone who knows or works with people living with chronic pain.”Dr Travis Gee, Psychologist, Pain Specialists Australia

“I have written this book from the heart in the hope that my story helps the millions of us who live with chronic pain
to navigate this sometimes seemingly impossible journey.”Dr Dawn Macintyre

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One in five people live with chronic pain and most feel misunderstood and unsupported. Dr Dawn Macintyre is one
of those people.

In Living with Chronic Pain, Dawn shares her journey from living a full life to a life so diminished, full of pain, shame and exhaustion that she was desperate enough to want to take her own life.

The author’s personal story is interwoven with insight into the emotions and challenges faced, as well as practical advice for changes and support to help sufferers enjoy life again. Dawn provides her perspective as both a sufferer of chronic pain, and a health practitioner.

If you are a health professional, this book offers insight into how to best support your patients and clients living with
chronic pain.

If you are living with chronic pain, this story will bring you courage, joy and most importantly, the knowledge to find your
meaningful life again.


Dawn Macintyre

Dawn Macintyre

Dawn Macintyre is a clinical counsellor, educator and behavioural scientist with a Doctorate in stigmatised conditions. She is also a chronic pain sufferer and now uses her clinical background and personal experience to work extensively with people in this area. Dawn has also authored a number of health books and articles and is a sought-after […]

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