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Lonesome George

C'est Moi! A South American odyssey

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Authors: Jorge Sotirios

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Lonesome George, C’est Moi! is a travel adventure and comedy of epic proportions. In his mock heroic quest of self-discovery ending in a confrontation with his alter ego, a giant lovelorn tortoise on the Galapagos Islands, author Jorge Sotirios illuminates the rugged beauty of the South American landscape, interweaving its history, culture and people. Lured to South America by an Argentine beauty only to be left heart-broken, he undertakes a journey of self-discovery that takes him across the equator, through the Amazon jungle and climaxes in the austere Galapagos Islands where he comes to face his doppelgänger, “Lonesome George”, the last surviving tortoise of his species. In Jorges’ travels he encounters the strange and wonderful world of South America, colourful characters and bizarre happenings.

Lonesome George, C’est Moi! is South America from street and river level and a life-affirming portrayal of people in this captivating story told with comic flair.

Jorge Sotirios

Jorge Sotirios

Jorge Sotirios was born in the shadow of Bradman Oval in the Southern Highlands of NSW and worked at his father’s Mittagong cafe when not obsessively following the St. George Dragons. Since then he has travelled the globe as travel journalist covering the Arts, the Environment, Politics and Culture and has written for The Sydney […]

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1 review for Lonesome George

  1. Absolutely beautiful writing – evoking mood of time and place with a gentle sense of humour . Made me want to set off on my own adventure and failing that, to discover new people and places by researching the people and places Jorge talks about

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