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Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation


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Authors: Mark Lax
RAAF, History
155mm x 230mm

No. 2 in the Australian Air Campaign Series

Australia’s involvement in the Malayan Emergency from 1950 to 1960 and later in a Confrontation with Indonesia in the 1960s is little remembered today. Yet the deployment of over a third of the RAAF to support the British and Malayan governments in what became a long war of attrition against communist insurgents in the former case, and against Indonesian regulars and militia in the latter, kept the RAAF engaged for over 15 years. Wars by another name, these two events led to the birth of Malaysia and the establishment of an ongoing RAAF presence in South East Asia. Until recent operations in Afghanistan, the Malaya Emergency was Australia’s longest conflict. Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation recounts the story of the politics, strategies and operations that brought these two conflicts to a close.

Mark Lax

Mark Lax

Mark Lax is a former RAAF senior officer, scholar, educator and air force historian. His 45 years of permanent and reserve service together with a PhD in military history has given him a unique insight into the RAAF during a time of immense change.

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1 review for Malayan Emergency and Indonesian Confrontation

  1. The Air Force History and Heritage Branch seeks to promote the understanding of Air Force history to contribute to Air Force professional education. At this bargain price it will. Like its ground counterparts, reach a much wider market.
    Mark Lax is an accomplished author and historian. This book is straightforward and easy to follow. The complexities of the politics of involvement, progress of the ground and police campaigns and the detailed story of RAAF involvement are all very well described. Aircraft and their squadrons are defined and illustrated.
    This is a well-conceived book in what appears to be a very valuable series. Highly recommended!

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