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Max Booth Future Sleuth Book 6

Map Trap

(13 customer reviews)
Authors: Cameron Macintosh Illustrator: Dave Atze
Children, Sci Fi, Adventure, Mystery
153mm x 213mm

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There’s a new sleuth in town — he’s fun, funny, and very 2424! It’s 2424. Super Sleuth Max Booth is uncovering the secrets of 20th century gadgets with his faithful but slightly neurotic robodog, Oscar. There are sinister characters and challenges along the way. Join the adventure in this fabulous series full of mystery, surprises and suspense. Ideal for reluctant readers.

IF YOU HAVE A MAP, YOU MUST KNOW WHERE YOU’RE GOING… RIGHT? TODAY, MAX ISN’T SO SURE! When Max and his brainy beagle-bot, Oscar, find a 400-year-old navigation unit, they’re shocked to discover that it still seems to work. They trace its owner’s last journey and find themselves on the road to very big trouble!

Far from home, Max and Oscar cross paths with a bunch of bungling burglars, trying to zip away with a precious piece of old-tech art. Max and Oscar will need to map out a rapid plan to catch the thieves and navigate their way out of danger!.

“This series offers something fresh and fun.”


A fun and fast-moving series packed with action … something fresh and fun. (Kids Book Review) ‘… mind-bending, time-warping fun adventure …– Boomerang Books

With underlying themes of the importance of education, social class prejudice and having a place to belong, Stamp Safari is nevertheless a light-hearted, creative, witty and entertaining story with plenty of scope for discussion and learning potential. Tech-heads, adventure- and detective-lovers and Sci-Fi fans will certainly give this book their stamp of approval. – Romi Sharp

A fun and futuristic junior fiction series kids will love.” – Just Write for Kids

‘Futuristic, humorous, fun-filled chapter books, suitable for readers 7 +’ – Buzz Words


Cameron Macintosh

Cameron Macintosh

Cameron Macintosh was born in Melbourne and has lived there ever since, apart from overseas backpacking jaunts whenever he’s been able to fund them. He studied Psychology and Italian at Melbourne University, and Professional Writing at RMIT. Since then, he has written more than 80 books for primary and early secondary students. He has also […]

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Dave Atze

Dave Atze

This is the story of an ordinary boy… when he was a kid everyone thought he was quite odd. Always drawing quirky things and talking in funny voices while he drew. Until one day he stumbled across a weird looking pencil stuck in a sharpener. On the sharpener it read: whomever pulleth this pencil from […]

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13 reviews for Max Booth Future Sleuth Book 6

  1. Kids of all ages will love Map Trap, the latest instalment in the Max Booth Future Sleuth series. This tightly plotted, fast-paced adventure gives young readers a fresh way to look at current-day technologies and flex their critical thinking muscles. Highly recommended for readers aged 7 and older.

  2. Max is back and it’s definitely been worth the wait. Now he’s in all sorts of trouble thanks to the discovery of a long-forgotten GPS unit, last used four centuries ago. Mid-primary kids will enjoy Map Trap’s mystery elements and the rollicking adventure its characters go on – not to mention the many laughs along the way.

  3. The Max Booth series is a fantastic resource for teachers. Aside from being a fun read, it offers a multitude of opportunities to engage students in discussions about history and technological advances – including their benefits and drawbacks. Map Trap is no exception – the fast pace and humorous scenarios give students plenty to think about on the topic of maps and GPS technology.

  4. This was a really fun story. The part I liked most was when Oscar made a plastic poo and scared everyone away!

  5. I had lots of laughs reading Map Trap and can’t wait to read the other books about Max and Oscar.

  6. I take ages to read books, but this one was so much fun I finished it in one go. I really loved Oscar! Can someone make an Oscar figurine, please?

  7. Combining the relatable, and the thought-provoking, the humour and the questionable, this is undoubtedly a book that junior to middle-grade readers will park themselves down to race through from start to end. Stand alone or read in sequence, the Max Booth Future Sleuth series is packed with fun, misdemeanour and a view into history and the technological future only imaginable. Highly recommended.

  8. … a great book for kids venturing out into the next stages of independent reading, with text combined with images to give the book a sense of fun and whimsy, but still giving kids the confidence to read alone and helping to promote literacy and an interest in history and science, as well as building understanding of friendships and compassion. This exceptionally clever and fun series is engaging, and will be one that children read again and again as they follow Max and Oscar on their fun adventures.

  9. This chapter book for children is ideal for ages 8-10 years and explores the themes of adventure, mystery and sci-fi. This intergalactic adventure will appeal to young readers of mystery and mayhem. The writing is stimulating and exciting, allowing readers to be captivated and be always asking, ‘what will happen next?’

  10. This is the first Max Booth book I have read and wow – it was great!
    Young readers – ages 7-12 will engage with this book almost immediately with it’s initial setting in an old fashioned gaming arcade, and our two main characters – Max & his trusty robot dog, Oscar, playing a favourite game from 200 years ago – Grimecraft! Full of ongoing action and adventure with sensible choices and great problem solving, young readers will enjoy travelling along with Max as he discovers new objects from the 20th & 21st century – namely games, phones and GPS devices.

  11. Kids will enjoy this adventure, whether or not they have read the other books in the Max Booth Future Sleuth series (although I recommend you read them too).
    Cameron Macintosh has imagined a fascinating future that kids will think is very cool, and Dave Atze captures the action in fun illustrations. A fantastic adventure that kids will love.

  12. Fast-paced, it offers something different that might open up the world and genre of sci-fi for young readers who aren’t yet ready for the plethora of post-apocalypse literature that is becoming so prevalent in YA lit these days.
    A series to recommend to those who enjoy adventure mixed with science.

  13. Max’s world is both futuristic and familiar. Author Cameron Mcintosh skilfully explores our 21st century technology from the point of view of future generations, giving readers a new appreciation of the technology available to us. Plus, they might just get some ideas about what’s to come! Max Booth is a series with so much potential to inform and entertain.
    At the same time, illustrator Dave Atze builds Max’s world with engaging black and white illustrations that capture the non-stop, laugh-out-loud plot in a visual show reel of action and comedy.
    If young readers can’t get enough of this light sci-fi, action-adventure series, they’ll be glad to know that there are five other titles in the series. Though the previous titles have connecting themes and characters, each book is easily consumable as a stand-alone novel.
    Readers from age seven should be easily able to read this refreshingly engaging boon with its straightforward language and easy-to-follow illustrations. Max Booth, Future Sleuth is a winning book for newly independent readers.

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