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More true stories from families of Australian missing persons

Authors: Nicole Morris
Crime, Missing Persons
153mm x 230mm


Missing … without a trace … into thin air.

In Missing, Nicole Morris, best-selling author of Vanished and founder of the Australian Missing Persons Register, delves into the chilling world of long-term missing persons cases. With over 55,000 disappearances annually in Australia, each story is a heart-wrenching account of unanswered questions and shattered lives.

From a West Australian man entangled in the dangers of online dating to an Adelaide father possibly linked to Australia’s most notorious serial killings, Morris uncovers haunting tales of those who vanished without a trace. Three mothers leaving behind bewildered children, a young hitchhiker lost on a desolate Queensland highway, and two Sydney men who lost their way—all woven into the fabric of inexplicable disappearances.

The narrative spans decades, from the 1980s to present-day mysteries, including the puzzling case of a gentle Greenpeace worker vanishing amidst inner-city Melbourne, the suspicious disappearance of a 21-year-old, and the grim discovery of scattered remains in Queensland, unravelling a harrowing tale of violence and tragedy. And then there is the perplexing case of a man who went missing over and over again.

Missing sheds light on the untold stories of those who vanished, leaving behind a void of unanswered questions and enduring pain. Nicole Morris brings attention to the cold cases from families of missing persons, raising awareness, and hopefully uncovering new leads for desperate families searching for the truth

Praise for the Author:

Praise for the Book
Life for a missing person’s family is a harrowing experience, a journey of ambiguous loss quite incomprehensible for those who have never travelled this path. Too often when we read of missing persons in the media, they are portrayed in quite a dispassionate way. Nicole’s empathy to understand the feelings and emotions of families, allows her to be objective and rational, whilst at the same time allowing the reader to truly “know” the missing – humanising them. These stories are gut-wrenching, frustrating, an emotional roller-coaster, triggering. You’ll feel despair and hopeful. May these loved ones be brought home to their families.
– Suzie Ratcliffe, sister of missing child Joanne Ratcliffe, founder of Leave a Light On Inc.

Reading Sandrine’s chapter, I’m lost for words, as I’m overwhelmed by emotion! Throughout reading it I feel each emotion they feel. The frustration, confusion, heartbreak, and the hope. It’s always comforting to hear you are not alone in the way you feel.”
– Susie Stoodley, daughter of missing Billy Steffen (featured in Vanished)

Of all the haunting stories in this book, the mysterious disappearance of doting South Australian dad, Steven Lockey is by far the most unfathomable and unsettling. Nicole meticulously highlights the many troubling twists in this tragic story – from numerous unconfirmed sightings of the missing man spanning twenty years, to the more disturbing prospect that he may be yet another victim of the notorious Snowtown Serial Killers.’ – Megan Norris, award winning true crime author, journalist and freelance writer.

Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris

Nicole Morris is the Director of the Australian Missing Persons Register, which she founded in 2005. In June 2023 Nicole won the Compassion in Media award from the Queensland Homicide Victims’ Support Group. In 2012 Nicole won the Queensland Pride of Australia award for Community Spirit, then in the same year went on to win the National […]

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