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A Mantra 6 Thriller

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Authors: Russel Hutchings
Fiction, Thriller
153mm x 230mm

John Devereaux and his MANTRA-6 team are now fully operational.

On the frozen landscape of Northern Russia, four figures dressed in arctic camouflage uniform break into the Polyarny Naval Base near Murmansk – home of Russia’s Northern Fleet. Their mission: to steal 60 kilograms of highly enriched Uranium-235 and hand it over to the Russian Mafia.

However, other rogue nations and despots – North Korea, Libya, Iran, Al-Qa’Ida, Hamas and Hezbollah – want to get their hands on this lethal cargo ….

So let the bidding begin!

As ‘the goods’ are fought over, MANTRA-6 is on the hunt – and God help anyone who gets in their way!

Mantra 6: Nitrate is the second book in Russel Hutchings’ explosive new thriller series featuring operative John Devereaux.

Russel Hutchings

Russel Hutchings

Born in Perth, Western Australia, Russel Hutchings is a former SAS Warrant Officer with over 20 years’ service in the Regiment. Russel has operated in many of the world’s troubled areas and most recently performed the role as a military adviser and provided other information collection services to a US-based company operating in Afghanistan. He […]

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8 reviews for Nitrate

  1. I am really enjoying these Mantra 6 books. Nitrate is book 2 in what looks to be a compelling series. All credit to the author, Russel Hutchings who brings thrills and spills to Nitrate and kept me wanting to read on. In the back of my mind all the time was the fact that this author knows what he is writing about, and so he would, after such a long time in SAS active service. This book is as authentic as it gets!

  2. Having read the first book in the Mantra-6 series, and having thoroughly enjoyed it, I was pleased to see the Russel release the second book titled, Mantra-6 “Nitrate”.
    I went back to re-read Brimstone, the first book, so that I could refresh my mind on the story in more detail before starting “Nitrate”. I have to say, the author did a great job in the transition from one novel to the next, it was a perfect blend and I soon picked up on the Mantra-6 story.
    Like in the first book, Russel Hutchings does not disappoint. The story was gripping from start to finish, with action scenes akin to any Jason Bourne novel. I liked the way Hutchings describes the surroundings and the characters. They are always in detail which allows the reader to be absorbed into the story. For me it is like watching a movie unfold.
    The use of exotic locations, like that of Paris and Nice in France, and Monaco and Venice, were expertly tied into the story and plot. While I have not physically been there, after reading Nitrate, I feel I have!
    This story sees John Devereaux back in action, but this time he has expanded Mantra-6 and now includes his former SAS team – people he hand-picked and trained. One can’t help wondering if Hutchings is writing these characters from his own experience in the SAS and other organisations.
    In Nitrate, it was great to see these new characters and new gadgets he brings forth to create mayhem.
    The interaction between his characters is really well written and adds depth to the story and indeed the series. His development of previous characters like that of the Russian mafia boss and his henchmen was really well done. Some backstories there, but no spoilersfrom me.
    A great Read!

  3. The second book in the series Brimstone being the first from Russell Hutchings a very enjoyable read finished it in a couple of days Russell has a easy reading style and with 20 years in the SAS you wount be disappointed

  4. Loved reading Mantra-6, I would tell my self one more chapter and then go to sleep, that chapter would turn into three or four. Really exciting book with lots of action , travel and a few romantic connections with women. I really liked the way the author described the women in intricate detail he made you feel as if you were watching them…. A life of a spy? I can only imagine what Russell got up to during his service. As Russell is a former SAS agent this really interested me whilst I was reading his book. I liked his descriptions of different cities and the work/planning he and his team needed to do to get what he needed achieved…. there seamed to be no limits! Very exciting and thrilling. Can’t wait to see what he writes next! Thanks for a wonderfully written book, Russell

  5. I had been waiting for this book and it’s finally here.

    A great follow on from RUSSEL HUTCHINGS first book ‘BRIMSTONE’.

    ‘NITRATE’ didn’t let me down. I thought the way the SAS patrol conducted itself during the across the border operation in Indonesia was particularly realistic. The author knows his stuff.

    Once again the author has written a fast paced book, full of action and grit, including strong charactered female operatives that can hold their own amongst their male counterparts. I thought the inclusion of the ‘military style’ humour was very realistic with that thrown about by close knitted professionals.

    Once again an outstanding read and highly recommended.

    Where’s the next instalment Mr. HUTCHINGS?

  6. Fantastic. An Australian author who has clearly displayed a knowledge of planning, training, resourcing & execution within the story, which supports the roles of the characters. I encourage action and political readers to get behind this book. A very welcome read, am Looking forward to the following books. Well done Russell Hutchings.

  7. I’d been waiting to read the 2nd in the series and it did not disappoint. Dramatic, realistic, and finely detailed – Russel intertwines an intriguing plot with tradecraft and his SAS experience to provide the reader with an authentic adventure.

  8. Last year I read a novel called Mantra-6 Brimstone, I believe it was the first novel in the Mantra-6 series, written by new author Russel Hutchings. Brimstone was such a great read I finished the book in three days. Hutchings certainly has a very different way of writing – it’s very much in your face, and some might say very ‘Politically Incorrect’ – How refreshing to see a writer like this.

    On Monday my wife purchased the next book in the series called Mantra-6 ‘Nitrate’ and I have just finished reading it last night. For me, Nitrate was an awesome book from start to finish. Hutchings continues his no holds barred writing style, which is more akin to taking you on John Devereaux’s (the main character) missions. It’s almost like you are side by side with the Mantra-6 team on that very mission as the descriptive writing is so good, that you feel you are there. His writing is like being on a time-line, rather than jumping all over the place with twisting plots that mostly get lost in the pages. Nitrate takes you ON THE MISSION, step by step and the story unfolds in front of you making you wonder what could be next. It keeps you on board wanting to turn the next page.

    In Nitrate, which follows on perfectly from ‘Brimstone’, we see that John Devereaux’s team (MANTRA-6) is going full throttle to save the world from such evil in the guise of the Russian Mafia and despots in a bidding war for uranium-235 in order to build their own nuclear weapons.
    Like ‘Brimstone’, Hutchings takes us on a wild ride through Europe, Moscow and Australia, where action and espionage tradecraft go hand in hand.

    It is obvious in Hutchings’ writing that he writes with conviction. Having looked at his biography, I see his real-life experience of working in the SAS for over 20 years, certainly shows in each line he writes. His credibility as a writer and someone who has actually lived the life in the shadows most certainly shines in his work.

    If you love spy novels like that of Robert Ludlum’s Bourne series, or novels by John le Carre, Tom Clancy and Chris Ryan, you are going to love Mantra-6 Nitrate and the series so far. I highly recommend it. I have to give Nitrate 5 Stars – what an adrenaline shot. I can see this series as a movie someday!

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