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One to Ten & Back Again 1 Let’s Count!

Ten Naughty Numbats

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Authors: Grace Nolan Illustrator: Nancy Bevington
Children, Learning,
188mm x 247mm

A delightful counting adventure with adorable Aussie animals! Count! Add! Subtract!

About the Series
Fun and learning go together in this beautifully presented counting series One to Ten and Back Again. Packed with imaginative rhyming text and expressive illustrations full of life and humour to captivate the youngest of readers. Children will learn to count while learning the names of 30 different Australian animals! Books two and three provide a simple introduction to addition and subtraction from birth to age seven. The simple reinforcement activities included at the end of each book add to the fun!

Book 1 – Ten Naughty Numbats: Counting to ten is exciting and fun with ten naughty numbats and their Aussie friends. The entertaining rhyming text and delightful illustrations introduce readers to the amazing world of number.

Book 2 – Ten Bush Babies due for release April 2021. See more here

Book 3 – Ten Lively Lorikeets due for release April 2021. See more here

Grace Nolan

Grace Nolan

Grace Nolan holds a Graduate Diploma of Education in Children’s Literature and a Master of Philosophy. She is an experienced Primary and Secondary teacher and winner of numerous poetry competitions including the Dante Aligheiri Italian Poetry Competition and the Italian-Australian Writers’ Literary Association for original poem. She was also awarded first prize in the International […]

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Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington is an energetic, multifaceted visual artist. Her artistic career spans over three decades, working in painting, illustration and concept creation and execution. Picture books are one of her real passions. Using her many styles and techniques she has the ability to interpret the written word and bring a story to life. Nancy uses traditional […]

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25 reviews for One to Ten & Back Again 1 Let’s Count!

  1. This delightful series is a welcome addition to Australian counting books. The creatures featured in each one are distinctively Australian and the illustrations and repetition of the creatures’ names will reinforce recognition of each one. The activity pages at the end of each one reinforce the message that counting and sums are fun!

  2. The animals throughout are charming and exuberant and children will readily engage with their antics. Children will really enjoy the rhyme and rhythm of the text and the way each number moves across two pages to make us anticipate what is coming next and extending the count.

  3. There are many benefits in combining mathematics and literature and the series One to Ten and back Again highlights these benefits. The comfortable familiarity of a picture book provides young children with a structure in which to begin exploring mathematical concepts and make sense of them. Each of the books in this series gives a purpose and meaning to mathematics through the story it tells.
    With beautifully illustrated Australian animals and their environment as the focus and a rhyming text that is interesting and humorous, young children will be keen to read these stories again and again. The interactive questions asked of the reader will help cement the mathematical concepts in each title.
    The support material on offer is excellent and will reinforce learnings from each book.
    Highly recommended for Preschool and Foundation students.

  4. One to Ten & Back Again’ is a delightful series of 3 books that will stimulate the imagination of toddlers and pre-schoolers. The engaging use of rhyme animated by beautiful, colourful illustrations using Australian birds and animals will appeal to both the child listening and the parent/adult reading. Activities at the end of each book reinforce the learning that is already happening, in many different ways, both obvious and subtle on each double page.

  5. The first book ‘10 Naughty Numbats’ teaches counting from 1 to 10. The use of alliteration and rhyme will capture the child’s interest. This is further enhanced by the attention to detail in the illustrations and the clever use of the double page. I like the way in which, as well as supported by happy ‘Aussie’ birds or animals, the leaves at the top of the left-hand page also reflect the number on the right-hand page. Again, Number 6 ‘discovery’, also counts to 6; you will have to take a peek to see what I mean!

  6. This is a beautiful set of children’s books which will help in the education of our young people.
    The reader would be instantly engaged with the books as each displays clear and colourful graphics, a curiosity about Australian fauna and arithmetic exercises that provide fun for a young mind.

  7. I love the flow of descriptive language. The book maintains its simplicity and teaches children to count and also identify Australian animals. It’s a great interactive tool for children parents and educators. It has a sense of fun.

  8. After 20 years working in a multicultural environment it has become obvious that in order for children to learn about our flora and fauna, we also have to teach parents at the same time about our flora and fauna. These books provide a warm and fun environment to do this.

  9. Learning to count, add and subtract is one of the key reasons little children believe they go to school and so this new collection of three readers endorsed by Australian Geographic will be a welcome addition to the resources to assist this .
    Focusing on 30 signature Australian creatures, each book encourages little ones to count, add or subtract as they use the rhyming text and charming illustrations for cues and clues. Each illustration has a humorous twist to add to the fun of learning and the concept for each page is clearly displayed as a conventional number story. As well, there are extra activities at the end to reinforce the concepts and encourage the 1:1 matching and conservation of numbers that are the foundation skills of early maths.
    Never underestimate the power of these sorts of texts to encourage our little ones to learn much more than we ever set out to teach!

  10. A book full of fun and colour that helps kids learn how to count! Beautiful illustrations of Australian native animals too.

  11. Author, Grace Nolan, has penned a fun counting book for children that has a great beat and rhythm that will have children chanting the words as well as counting the animals in the story – platypus, koalas, kangaroos, wombats, dingo pups, kingfishers, possums, black swans, echidnas and numbats. As I read the story, immediately I could see 10 Naughty Numbats being acted out in class.
    Artist, Nancy Bevington, has portrayed the animals with a happy disposition, engaging the onlooker with a sprinkle of happiness.
    As an educator, I was happy to see “Fun Learning Activities” as an added eight page bonus after the end of the story, written in a way that increases in the challenge of counting and encouraging active learning.

  12. An easy to read catalogue of Australian animals numbering from one to ten will quieten the loudest of kids as they get into the rhythm of the words, predicting the last line of each double sentence, learning to recite lines along with the reader and laughing at the antics of the animals illustrated with such humour and panache.
    From one playful platypus, to wobbly wombats and perky possums, the alliteration will also draw readers’ attention as they note the repetition of the first letter. Prediction, repetition, alliteration will be learnt as children read this poem, using familiar Australian animals.
    Some may not have heard of some of the animals, so they will learn about a few beyond their experience and ask questions about them.
    The colourful images of the clothed animals will have readers laughing out loud as they spot the swans with their water wings, the echidnas in glasses, koalas in pyjamas.
    And learning to count to ten will be made much fun by looking for the animals on each page. At the end of the book are a few pages asking questions of the reader, having them show what they have learnt.

  13. Just realised how lucky I was to acquire this wonderful book for our granddaughter, Josephine. I’m a bit fussy about toddler books given I’m a qualified primary and secondary teacher. The illustrations are clear and wonderfully depict Australian native animals. The book is well constructed and provides a very positive learning experience for little ones learning to count. I highly recommend this book written by the very talented Grace Nolan.

  14. Josephine is enjoying this wonderful new book for 3 year olds…. she is learning about numbers and Australian animals: “Ten Naughty Numbats” written by Grace Nolan. Available everywhere because it’s so great!

  15. 10 Naughty Numbats is a fun and engaging counting book that is perfect for reading out loud and features all kinds of Australian animals.
    This is a great book that reads well and has gorgeous illustrations. It is well written and is great to read out loud. I also really enjoyed the last few pages that are nice and interactive.
    I love the double spread pages with koalas and kangaroos and numbats sleeping or bouncing around. My toddler loved it, and loves to read along and count the animals, and has requested it multiple times.

  16. This looks like a fun book for toddlers.

  17. Ten Naughty Numbats: Counting to ten is exciting and fun with ten naughty numbats and their Aussie friends. The entertaining rhyming text and delightful illustrations introduce readers to the amazing world of number.
    Often, learning to count – at least in the past – has never gone beyond basic numerals. Yet, there is something to be said about making learning fun. It can bolster a student or child’s engagement, and give them a lifelong passion for learning. And we all have to start somewhere, so why not with something like counting to ten?
    Grace Nolan’s latest book, 10 Naughty Numbats, teaches children aged 0 to 7 the joys of counting to ten using Australian animals, with lyrical rhymes that sound like a song as you read them. Starting with a platypus, and working up to ten naughty numbats, the first Let’s Count book is a fun way to teach children about numbers and Australian wildlife at the same time.
    Grace’s words are accompanied by the delightfully entrancing and brightly coloured illustrations by Nancy Bevington, that will capture the imagination of young readers and show them how vibrant and beautiful our wildlife is. Each animal has a creative twist – something additional that gives them a touch of personality as they bring numbers and the Australian bush to life.
    It combines fun and learning, which is the best way to teach kids – or anyone – anything. Kids will love to learn with this book and will enjoy sharing this knowledge with younger siblings. It is the kind of book that will ensure repeated readings, and continued completion of the activities at the end of the book.
    A cute, and educational read that many children will get something exceptional out of. It is adorable as well, and brings numbers to life in a new way for kids. It would be fun to see something like this done for words and letters as well to help promote both literacy and numeracy for younger readers. 

  18. Playfulness and learning are seamlessly combined in the new, animated counting series, One to Ten and Back Again. These books are such a joy for their early years audience with their inclusions of number fun, interactivity and the sweetest Australian animals (and there are 30 different species across the three books!). Author Grace Nolan introduces the concept of counting to ten with the first title, Ten Naughty Numbats, and the sequential titles with adding to ten in Ten Bush Babies (#2), and subtracting from ten in Ten Lively Lorikeets (#3).
    There’s so much to love about these picture books!
    Each title has been carefully designed to allow young readers to navigate their way across the double page spreads, clearly marking the numerical reference in a predictable placing set alongside the colourful pictorial reference. Grace’s text is imaginative and exuberant, reinforcing the distinct animal names and numbers in words, as well as captivating with literary devices such as rhyme and alliteration.
    Equally, Nancy Bevington has enriched the text with her charming illustrations of these playful (and cheeky) creatures. An Aussie bushland adventure abounds with lively fauna entertaining us with humour, action and energy in beautifully gentle soft watercolours and earthy tones. Two cute koalas in trees are shown dreaming of a gum leaf burger and ice cream, six blue kingfishers are discovering sights through binoculars, and eight graceful black swans with crowns and floaties on the sea are just some of the gorgeous, whimsical scenes that will delight their readers.
    The sequence of counting, as in Ten Naughty Numbats, is reinforced with interactive activities to finish the literacy / numeracy experience, again with Grace’s joyful rhyme – a clever factor to include considering the educational perspective. And to be rewarded, after counting all the way from one to ten, with wobbly worm jam and witchetty grub ice cream is a real treat!
    One to Ten and Back Again: Ten Naughty Numbats is a simple, eye-catching and engaging visual and learning experience bouncing, gliding and leaping with joy and the introduction to, or familiarity of, Australian wildlife and mathematical concepts. A must-have collection for children from birth to age seven.

  19. As a grandmother I’ve read lots of counting books to my little treasures.
    This one is superb. The Australian animals are delightfully illustrated and the baby animals learn to count on each other as friends while learning to add up.
    The adding to ten sequence is only part of the story. The baby animals repeat the task to reinforce what they’ve learned.
    These books bear the National Geographic Logo and this is a sign of true quality and craftsmanship.

  20. From one playful platypus all the way up to ten naughty numbats, each number has its own double page spread. Four additional spreads contain activities where little ones can count the different animals, find them hidden around the creek, etc. With its well-written rhyme and fun illustrations (check out that bush buffet!), this engaging book would make a wonderful baby or toddler gift. Plus, I’m always on the lookout for new Aussie-themed books to send our overseas friends!

  21. Wonderfully, we once again have a Non-Fiction submission for kids. This month it is 10 Naughty Numbats (2021) by Grace Nolan which is a counting adventure with Australian animals. Ashleigh Meikle at The Book Muse recommends this “cute and educational read that many children will get something exceptional out of” as “each animal has a creative twist – something additional that gives them a touch of personality as they bring numbers and the Australian bush to life”.

  22. All these books are endorsed by Australian Geographic and not only educate children on counting, adding and subtracting, they show children what Australian animals look like. As the world children live in today is filled with activities at school and after and is often fast paced, stopping to take notice of the world around if they are in an urban environment is not always easy.

  23. A lovely lyrical read out loud and read along with book. Fantastic illustrations.

  24. Fantastic book with wonderful illustrations! Children will learn how to count so easily with the help of this book.

  25. Awesome book, recommend to little kids! They will learn a lot!

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