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Perversion of Justice

Authors: Steve Matthews
Fiction, Crime
153mm x 230mm


In the darkest shadows, the pursuit of truth is the only light.

‘Brilliant … a captivating new voice in Australian crime fiction’

In the scorching summer of 2004, a working-class Sydney suburb erupts in turmoil when Percy Fullwood, a respected local, is accused of a heinous crime by his own family. As the media frenzy ignites, Detective Bruce Spencer leads a high-profile raid, branding Percy guilty before trial.

Enter Diane Spencer, Bruce’s wealthy and determined sister, who refuses to accept the verdict. Teaming up with enigmatic lawyer Otto, Diane launches a daring quest for justice.

While Percy languishes in prison, Diane and Otto risk everything to uncover the truth, delving deep into the labyrinth of corrupt officials and Sydney’s dark underbelly.

Against a backdrop of political intrigue and personal vendettas, the investigators navigate treacherous waters to unravel the conspiracy. As they dig deeper, Diane and Otto realise that the powerful forces at play will stop at nothing to protect their web of secrets.

Will truth triumph against the odds, or will the Spencer team be consumed by the darkness they seek to defeat?

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews

Steve Matthews’ work in children’s literacy in Australia and abroad has been widely recognised and acknowledged, and his acclaimed children’s books are sold in Australia, Canada, the UK and the USA. After selling his business interests, Steve has now fulfilled a life-long ambition to write full time. Hitler’s Brothel is his second novel for adults. […]

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