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Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal

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Authors: Jason Byrnes
Non Fiction, Police, History

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In police rescue, there is no such word as can’t. It CAN be done.’ Sergeant Ray Tyson, 1976

This is the story of an elite unit that has been protecting public safety for 75 years.

Every day the women and men of the NSW Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal Unit confront some of the most challenging and harrowing situations imaginable; including recovering decomposing bodies from cliffs, cutting people out of the wreckage of crashed cars, or disarming improvised explosive devices. Nerves of steel, compassion and dedication to duty are the core requirements for police rescue operators and bomb technicians.

Police Rescue and Bomb Disposal, takes you on a journey from the dark days of World War II when police first formed a unit to recover bodies from Sydney’s cliffs, to the unit leading rescue operations at the Granville train disaster, the Newcastle earthquake, the Thredbo landslide, and other emergencies up to and including the Lindt Café siege.

Drawing upon numerous interviews and official documents this book is complimented by many never seen before images and is a fitting testament to the dedication and personal sacrifices made by a small band of highly skilled professionals.

Jason Byrnes

Jason Byrnes

Jason Byrnes is a law-enforcement professional with over 26 years of policing service at the local, national and international levels. He is also an Assistant Editor and author at the Australian Police Journal, this country’s pre-eminent true crime periodical. Jason has a Masters Degree in Strategic Studies, a Masters Degree in Leadership and Management, and […]

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1 review for Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal

  1. This is an honest, revealing story of the elite NSW Police Rescue & Bomb Disposal Unit which for 75 years has confronted and dealt successfully with some of the most challenging and harrowing situations imaginable, including disarming powerful, improvised explosive devices and cutting people out of crashed cars.

    Formed during WWII to recover bodies from Sydney’s cliffs, this unit has been the lead rescue agency in some of Australia’s best-known and most tragic events, from the Granville train disaster to the Lindt Cafe siege. The examples of bomb disposal are particularly gripping, highlighting the nerves of steel, compassion and dedication to duty that are the core requirements for bomb technicians and police rescue operations.

    It’s a fascinating insider’s experience of the drama and challenge of handling these serious events that have dominated our news media for a generation. I found this an absorbing read. Ian Lingard

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