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Preserving Our Proud Heritage

The Customs and Traditions of the Australian Army

Authors: Leslie Irvin Terrett, Stephen Craig Taubert
Australian Army, Military History
254mm x 297mm

The Australian Army’s customs and traditions represent the symbols and substance of much of our national character, adopted from Army’s forebears and developed since 1901 to where we are today. In the form of the ‘Rising Sun’, these traditions shape Army’s institutional values and to an extent its collective personality, which provides – along with serving members both past and present – the Army’s beating heart. Army’s foundations, exhibited through its customs and traditions, will ensure it continues to draw the pride and respect of the nation.
Much can be learnt from the past and Army constantly draws on the importance of its comparatively young but rich history. These origins have provided the forms for its badges, insignia and symbols of office; the way Army demonstrates respect for the past through formal functions and dinners, the way it addresses its people and the way they wear their uniform. These tangible links to Army’s past, like the weft and warp of a rich historical tapestry, set it up well for its future. Just as Army respects its past, it and its people will respect it today and tomorrow.

Leslie Irvin Terrett

Leslie Irvin Terrett

Leslie Irvin (Les) Terrett was born on the 8th April 1957, in Myrtleford, Victoria where he completed his secondary education. He undertook his tertiary education at Melbourne University. He enlisted into the Australian Regular Army in 1975 and during a successful career in logistics spanning 32 years, achieved the rank of Major. Transferring to the […]

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Stephen Craig Taubert

Stephen Craig Taubert

Stephen Craig (Steve) Taubert was born on the 2nd September 1952 in Adelaide, South Australia. After completing his secondary education at Snowtown Area School he moved to Adelaide to undertake an apprenticeship in Fitting and Turning. After completing his qualification he moved to Brisbane, working for a short period within this trade, prior to joining […]

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