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Pretty Girls

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Pretty Girls is a visceral narrative of violence, personal tragedy and female resilience set against the backdrop of
one of Australia’s most politically charged communities, Redfern, where sinister racial tensions underpin everything.

Evie is a woman in her mid-thirties who returns to her hometown to meet with her dying father. In coming back
to the place where she grew up she has to revisit her history of violence – the death of her mother, the suicide of her
brother and the domestic violence that occurred in her home. Her father only has a short time to live – she expects
to find him a changed man. But he’s not. He’s unrepentant and unapologetic for his actions.

Evie has to reclaim her story – she’s not just a pretty girl, she won’t just sit down, be quiet, stay still – but getting
there is more than tough, more than an ordeal – it’s a mammoth display of tenacity and strength.

Pretty Girls is ultimately a story of triumph. Evie rises from the ashes of a hellish past and re-writes her story.
There is a part of Evie in every woman and Pretty Girls seeks to start a movement.

#iamevie aims to spearhead an empowered future for women across the world.

Lisa Portolan

Lisa Portolan

Lisa Portolan is a journalist and author from Sydney. She has previously published two books, including bestseller, Happy As (Echo, Melbourne). She has written for publications like the Australian Financial Review, The Guardian, 9 Honey and 10 Daily, and appeared on the Today Show and The Drum.

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Samantha McDonald

Samantha McDonald

Samantha McDonald is an Australian director and producer. She has a degree in Law and Communications majoring in film. She has spent the majority of her career working in the fitness, sport and marketing space, as a trainer and later as a production expert. Growing up there was always a focus on looks and it […]

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