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Quiet Courage

Forgotten heroes of World War Two

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Authors: Tony Matthews
World War II
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What could induce a young pilot to walk out onto the wing of his burning aircraft at 13,000 feet?
Why would a plucky young woman descend into the bowels of a sinking ship knowing that she would almost certainly die there?
Why did a family remain on their farm, tending crops while suffering four long years of deadly artillery shelling?
How did a former fishing trawler sink one of Hitler’s deadliest U-boats, and who were the two Australian nurses who protected wounded patients with their own bodies while experiencing a savage machine-gun attack?
Why did a young naval apprentice keep rowing when his hands had been so badly burned, they were literally glued to his oar? And who were the two selfless ‘Dad’s Army’ soldiers who miraculously saved the lives of hundreds of their comrades even when it meant sacrificing their own?

These and many other fascinating questions are answered in one of the most remarkable books of gallantry, fortitude and self sacrifice you will ever read. Quiet Courage: Forgotten Heroes of World War Two is a book about thoughtful, intelligent actions and above all, an enviable capacity for bravery.

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews is a Queensland author who has dedicated almost his entire adult life to writing and researching Australian history. He also writes extensively on military and espionage history with a specific emphasis on both world wars. He is the author of more than thirty books including several historical novels.

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4 reviews for Quiet Courage

  1. … thank you for bringing to life the story of HMT Lady Shirley. My great Grandad, George Alexander Wyatt was the Chief Engineman. The account you have made in Quiet Courage is fascinating, enlightening and very stirring. I shall never cease to be in awe of those men and indeed the men of U-111. Looking forward to tucking into the rest of the book!
    Thanks again,

  2. Once again your chapter in Quiet Courage about the Lady Shirley was enormously illuminating. I have read other accounts elsewhere but nothing so complete and detailed as ‘The Killer Trawler’. In the photograph George is standing in the centre, wearing a dark shirt and cap. I’ve looked at that picture many times over the years with awe and wonder! It was fascinating to learn more about Lt Cdr Arthur Callaway and other members of the crew. Also I was completely unaware of the subsequent intelligence haul and much of the information you discussed about U-111; it’s crew and missions.
    Though as a lad I was vaguely aware that my great grandad was ‘mentioned in despatches’ (is was quite a big deal for our family!) before being tragically killed in the war, it wasn’t until much later that I endeavoured to discover more about George, HMT Shirley and the Royal Naval Patrol Service or ‘Harry Tate’s Navy’. So I was amazed to learn what happened in October 1941, such an incredible story. Imagine a Hull trawler steaming past the Ark Royal through the harbour at Gibraltar to a heroes welcome! I hope those men felt great pride and satisfaction, I’m sure they did.

    George Alexander Wyatt … has always been and will remain a personal hero of mine! His death and the terrible loss of all those men I know was difficult for his wife and two children particularly with regard the ship’s mysterious disappearance. His son, also George and a trawlerman apparently always maintained the Lady Shirley’s demise was the work of enemy agents in Gib. I was aware that Allen Waller suspected an act of sabotage had occurred and was looking into this last week when I discovered you had written this book which I promptly downloaded. It’s brilliant, just my cuppa tea…

  3. Review of Quiet Courage is right on target. Please do yourself a favour and pick up this most incredible read.

  4. Book Bite: Quiet Courage | Good Reading Magazine
    Author TONY MATTHEWS’ new book, Quiet Courage, highlights the incredible bravely of ordinary people. He shares with us the inspiration behind the book.

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