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Rendezvous with Death

Australian Police Slain on Duty in the early 20th century

Authors: Alan Leek
True Crime, Murder
153mm x 230mm

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The harrowing true stories of fallen police officers and how they met their end in a rendezvous with death on the path of duty.

A new century and a new nation forged by the will of the people seemed to turn a new page and raised hope for a better future. In this there was abundant truth, but there still lurked the malcontents who fed on unsuspecting hosts using violence in support of their enterprise and deadly force to avoid detection.

These are the traumatic stories of policemen, working class men, family men, often benighted men, who died at the hands of the mad, bad and sad and unexpectedly. They died in the knowledge that duty expected of them the laying down their lives for the community they were sworn to serve. They died bravely for the new nation, for its people and esprit de corps .

This is a richly illustrated account of men who died preserving the peace at home, while their brothers-in- arms fought evil on the front lines of Europe. Their stories are often intertwined.

Alan Leek

Alan Leek

Alan Leek is a 34 year veteran of the NSW Police, having served as a detective in Sydney,¬† its suburbs, and the surrounding Hawkesbury and Blue Mountains areas before becoming¬† officer-in-charge of Blacktown-Mt.Druitt detectives.¬† Promoted to commissioned rank, he held the position of staff officer-intelligence in the Blacktown District before taking up command of the […]

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