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Royal Military College of Australia – LIMITED EDITION HARDBACK

Celebrating 100 years at Duntroon

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Royal Military College Duntroon

Celebrate the 100 year anniversary of RMC and discover the rich history of Duntroon with this superbly designed and crafted full colour book. This book is an inspirational record, both past and present of the accomplishments of one of the world’s leading officer training establishments. This book captures the evolving traditions of this institution, walks you through a day at Duntroon, provides a spectacular photographic record of the centenary celebrations and offers so much more. This magnificent book is available in both paperback or limited edition boxed hardback. A Limited Edition Hardback version is also available to purchase. Limited Edition Hardback is presented in a custom designed Saifu cloth hard bound and hinged box. Hardback book is gilt edged and includes satin ribbon marker.

1 review for Royal Military College of Australia – LIMITED EDITION HARDBACK

  1. This beautifully presented book detailing the story of this historic establishment’s first 100 years is told with great eloquence by Colonel Hedges. His text is accompanied by a vast array of photographs and drawings. While not a formal history, this book contains fascinating insights into day-today life at the college and its traditions. It is certainly a ‘must have book for anyone with a connection with the Royal Military College Duntroon. What a wonderful gift.

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