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Second Child

Planning, managing and enjoying another child

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Authors: Susan Moore, Doreen Rosenthal
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Are you ready for a second child? Have you thought about what it involves? Is your first child prepared for a sibling? What about your partner?

Whether you are just thinking it, or having a second baby, preparing for an addition to your family can bring up many questions, challenges and emotions.  This book provides a wonderful mixture of expert advice and personal experiences to help parents plan for, survive, thrive, and enjoy a second child.

The book includes insights on coping with increased workloads, sibling rivalry, financial issues, changing relationships with children and partners and health and well-being.  It provides support to navigate the different issues and changes through the entire developmental journey, and the challenges of having children with different temperaments, abilities, ages and genders.

Full of helpful and supportive advice and shared experiences that will help you  feel positive and prepared for your new family.

Susan Moore

Susan Moore

Susan Moore was born in Melbourne and is a university researcher and Fellow of the Australian Psychological Society. She has co-authored several books, articles in newspapers, magazines, and journals. Many with a focus on life span developmental issues, particularly the psychology of adolescence and risk-taking. She has worked as a psychologist and researcher in universities […]

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Doreen Rosenthal

Doreen Rosenthal

Doreen Rosenthalwas born in Melbourne and in her mid-20s, married with 3 small children, took the brave step of going to university. She became passionately interested in psychology and worked in that field until the early 90s when she began researching in public health, initially in HIV/AIDS and most recently women’s health. During this time, […]

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4 reviews for Second Child

  1. Does birth order influence a child’s personality?
    There are so many myths about birth order, so much that the decision whether or not to have a second (or third, or fourth) child can be a vexxed one. Are first-born children spoilt? Are second-borns left behind, or destined to live in the shadow of their older sibling? A new book on birth order, and its possible impact, tries to shed some light on these questions.
    Does birth order influence personality?

  2. What a great book – I think I may have read it more to find out how MY childhood birth order impacted how my life played out. well done.

  3. A very readable book which explains research findings in a way which is very easy to understand. Excellent for parents who are wondering whether to take the plunge

  4. Second Child offers practical advice about what to expect with baby number two.

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