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Self Harm

A practical, compassionate guide for parents of teens

Authors: Michelle Mitchell
Parenting, Self Help
153mm x 230mm

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If you have a child who is struggling with self-harm, I want to remind you that you are your child’s greatest advantage. What you do and how you respond matters. This book was written for you and your family.

Non-suicidal self-injury (NSSI) is a global mental health concern with studies conservatively indicating 10% of young people experiment with self-harm. The ways in which young people self-harm are wide and varied, and a challenge many families now have to face. It remains distressing and difficult for parents and caring adults to understand, as it seems to go against every innate instinct of self-protection and survival.

In this book, award-winning speaker, author and educator Michelle Mitchell has combined her 20 years’ experience, with the latest research, interviews with experts and stories from professionals and everyday families, to give parents and teachers fresh insights into how-to prevent, understand and respond to self-harm.

Full of evidence-based strategies, this unique resource will provide parents with the facts, practical help and comfort they need.
Michelle answers questions like –

• Why does my child want to hurt themselves?
• Is self-harm about attention seeking?
• What do I say if I suspect self-harm?
• Why is self-harm so addictive?
• How do I manage their safety?
• How do I best take care of siblings and other family members?
• When is it necessary to seek support?

Michelle goes where few have gone before, in tackling the distressing, confusing and fraught issue of self-harm in our young people … Michelle has done us all a great service in bringing us this invaluable title. Melinda Tankard Reist (Author, Speaker, co-founder Collective Shout)

Michelle … gives a strong and poignant voice, not only to those who are self-harming, but also to the ones who love them. This book traverses that gap. It is an intelligent, thoughtful, and much-needed resource, empowering all who read it with powerful insights, a road map of practical strategies, and above all else, hope. Karen Young (Author, Speaker, Parenting and Child & Adolescent Anxiety Specialist)

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell

Michelle Mitchell is an author, award-winning speaker and educator who has presented to over 200 000 people in her career to date. Michelle started her career as a primary school teacher. Her passion for life skills education very quickly led her to specialise in the health and wellbeing sector.  In 2000 Michelle left teaching and […]

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