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Shattered Lives

A Brutal Murder. A Cop on the Edge

Authors: Peter Seymour, Jason K. Foster
PTSD, True Crime
153mm x 230mm

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Suicides, hangings, shootings, car accidents, drownings, cliff falls, electrocutions …

Detective Peter Seymour has seen every type of death imaginable in his time in the NSW Coroner’s Court and, after many years in law enforcement, the tragedies are beginning to take their toll.

Dealing with death day in day out becomes too much for Seymour and this seasoned veteran starts to grapple with overwhelming feelings of fear and doubt. He decides to return to the police force hoping the operational work might offer some reprieve. Fate would have it otherwise as he is thrust straight back into an intense murder investigation.

One Friday night in the year 2000, Nick Hanes is heading home after a night out with his mates. Barely two-hundred and fifty metres from his home, he is set upon by two men. Bashed, beaten then murdered, Hanes dies after a senseless and random attack.

Seymour is called to the St Mary’s crime scene. He examines the body and discovers that there a very few clues and no leads, no witnesses. As the case unravels it takes every bit of his experience, tenacity and determination to not only discover the identity of the perpetrators but to also deal with his own demons that are beginning to spiral out of control.

Bashed and Beaten tells the true story of two men embarking on dangerous paths. One man finds himself the victim of a violent crime, the other searching for justice for the dead man’s family as he struggles with his own battle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, the result of a life spent give his all for others. Both paths are intertwined, and there is no turning back.

Peter Seymour

Peter Seymour

Peter Seymour joined the New South Wales Police Force in 1980 as an eighteen-year-old and spent 24 years in Police, four years in Uniform, twelve years as a detective and eight years as a Police Prosecutor. He currently works at Blacktown City Council as the Team Leader for Community Enforcement. Peter played sport from an […]

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Jason K. Foster

Jason K. Foster

Jason Foster is an author, poet, journalist and History teacher at Jamison High School in Sydney’s western suburbs. He holds a Masters Degree in History and is currently studying a Diploma in Languages (Spanish). He has taught in Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain and Argentina. He has been published in American History magazines, Australian travel […]

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