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67 days to a family's self-destruction

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Authors: Travis Winks
Family, mental illness
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“The sad thing about this story is that it is all true. Some would say it’s unbelievable, unfortunately it’s not”- Travis Winks
“Told with brutal honesty, I couldn’t put it down” – Amanda Keller OAM
“Impossible to read without tears and admiration” – Glenn Daniel – Journalist/Broadcaster

Your brother is on life support and might not make it …
Your sister has been arrested …
The police have just shot Dad …

Shattered, is a true story of the devastating impacts of mental illness and domestic violence that saw one family self-destruct in just 67 harrowing days. Told through the eyes of a hurting brother and son, this tragic story follows three family members through a series of decisions that bring the family together, and then tear them apart.

Almost every family has a tumultuous chapter and this story is about the real impact mental illness and domestic violence can have. The consequences are not only catastrophic for sufferers, but also for those who love them.

Travis tells his story with rawness and honesty, but also with hope and humour. His story will help people realise that life has many options, and challenges and problems can be dealt with differently, and hopefully positively.

Travis Winks

Travis Winks

Travis Winks is a radio presenter and broadcast journalist. With a background in sports journalism he has covered some of the biggest events on the planet. What he went through with his family changed him forever. He has written this book to inspire readers to look at their lives differently.

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9 reviews for Shattered

  1. ‘Your life can spin on the head of a pin. That’s what Travis Winks discovered. With brutal honesty, Travis takes us inside the terrible events that caused his family to implode over the course of a few life changing months. I couldn’t put it down.’

  2. ‘Shattered is a raw, true, harrowing story that could have happened to any family, told in all its honesty, pain, grief, and love. News headlines too often oversimplify and distance us from the real people behind a tragedy. Travis Winks’s gripping account of his own family’s heartbreak is a clarion call that any of us could face a cascade of misfortune and overwhelm, that compassion is the first best response, and that looking out for each other is our only way forward. A moving, unforgettable read.’

  3. ‘A stark reminder that when things are bad, they can always get worse, but the love of your family will see you through the toughest of times.’

  4. ‘An extraordinary and compelling read. Travis brings incredible clarity to this true-life tragedy and unbelievable resilience in his response and writing. Impossible to read without tears and admiration.’

  5. ‘Travis Winks’ thoughtfully written heart-rending story centred on his father Russell touched me greatly, occasionally reducing me to tears as I recalled the lost, loveless childhood I had with my dad.
    ‘If only my dad Ron was more like Russ – generous, thoughtful and faithful with unconditional love for his wife
    Joy and the four kids, Travis, Trent, Amy and Emma.
    ‘What drove Russell to choose what he did will sadly never be known and reading Travis’s account of that terrible day in his family’s life it must have been like living some surreal neverending nightmare.’
    ‘More grief than any family should have to endure in a lifetime.’

  6. ‘Shattered is a story of love, loyalty, hope and heartbreak. The hits for this family just kept coming. It will make you think about family and the people you love. I shed tears and laughed as I reflected on my own relationship with my dad and brothers. This story will shake you to the core and remind you that life is
    worth fighting for.’

  7. ‘Achingly raw debut novel from broadcaster Travis Winks. Some families seem to cop more than their fair share of hard knocks. This novel shines a spotlight on some serious issues, domestic violence and mental health. Life can be fragile and sometimes people reach breaking point. Compelling read.

  8. ‘From my own lived experience of type 2 bipolar and creating and managing a company that specialises in workplace mental health I understand the importance of the topic and how it can affect people. I also understand the importance of sharing lived experience and what the power of story can do. This book delivers both in spades. ‘This book is a very powerful read. It is real, raw and confronting. It takes you out of your comfort zone and provides a vivid outline of the reality of mental health struggles, domestic violence and the ripple effect of suicide.
    ‘I know this book will change the individual perception towards the topic of mental health. It will have the reader checking in with their loved ones and being proactive in looking after their own mental health and supporting others look after theirs.
    ‘This book takes you on a journey that is tragic and so very sad, but it will be a game changer in Australia. You will not be the same after reading this book and that is a good thing.’

  9. ‘A harrowing and unforgettable reminder of just how fragile life, love and family can be. Shattered will lead the way in helping society understand the many different shades of mental illness and the toll domestic violence takes not only on the victim but on those that love them.’

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