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So I Hit Him

Surviving life as an institutionalised alien

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So I Hit Him is an extremely powerful memoir that will shock many people, yet is intensely inspirational. Born in a former workhouse hospital in Manchester, England with multiple disabilities and not expected to survive, Michael was placed in care almost from birth. By the time he was 17, he had been placed in over 30 institutions and had suffered every manner of physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect. His Asperger’s became the key to his survival in a hostile world, enabling him to endure punishment, deprivation and emotional conflict. His rage and frustration had created a man who used violence to deal with most situations in life. Readers: be prepared to suspend judgment as you read an inspirational story.

Michael’s strong will to live and learn enabled him to survive not only his time in care, but also his forced migration, as a child, to Australia, and his later alcohol addiction. It also enabled him to finally succeed in his ultimate goals of getting an education and helping youth in trouble.

So I Hit Him is the compelling story of a man who, despite all odds being against him, still says he has had a lucky life.We look forward to seeing many more students here “do a Whatham” – by achieving something that is way beyond what their circumstances and other people’s expectations would normally limit them to” Robert Stephenson FCPA – Acting Director, Bendigo Campus – La Trobe University

5 reviews for So I Hit Him

  1. “We look forward to seeing many more students here do a Whatham – by achieving something that is way beyond what their circumstances and other people’s expectations would normally limit them to” At the launch of Mick Whathams book So I Hit Him – Robert Stephenson, Acting Director of La Trobe University introduced new term for learning thanks to Mick! In his speech he said, “The launch of Michael Whatham’s book provided our campus community with the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of a truly remarkable man, and bask for a moment in the reflected glory as he acknowledged the role that our staff had played in the later, more positive, part of his journey so far. I would sincerely like to thank Big Sky Publishing for providing the opportunity for Mick’s important story to be told. Shining a light into dark places certainly helps to chase away the rats, but sometimes it also allows us to find a bright gem waiting to be discovered. I think that is what we have in Mick – a man who has triumphed over circumstances and other people’s expectations! Again, thank you all so much for providing the opportunity for Mick’s important story to be told! So I Hit Him by Mick is available now in all good bookstores, online and also in Ebook format world wide.

  2. “So I Hit Him” is one of the most inspirational stories you will ever read. Mick Whatham’s courage and resilience in the face of impossible odds almost defies belief and shows us we can never underestimate the power of the human spirit. Thanks Mick.

  3. I believe this book should be read by all who deal with children. It gives a real insight in to the mind of a child, the pain and anguish of feelings and frustrations that can’t always be expressed -the cruelty of some adults and children alike in dealing with others perceived as less able than themselves. Through his book, Mick Whatham demonstrates how a determined and persistent person (with the support of caring adults) can overcome significant hurdles faced life.

  4. A book which documents the extremely difficult childhood of a boy whose disabilities were misunderstood and disregarded, and follows his life through to education and functionality in his adopted country, Australia. Very sad but also very inspiring. Highly recommended. (There is some language in this book.)

  5. Why isn’t there an inquiry into how mick was deported and put into the army and who else suffered this fate and why there isn’t any redress?

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