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Space Kids 3

Mars Mission

Authors: Aleesah Darlison Illustrator: Nancy Bevington
Children, Adventure
128mm x 198mm

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The year is 2088. Eleven-year-old Nash now lives full-time on Misty Space Station with his father, Orson. His best friends on the holiday spaceship are Raj and KC. When a distress signal is received on Misty Space Station from a colony of researchers and scientists living on Mars, Captain Malik decides to send an urgent supply mission. Given the vast distance to Mars, the only way Nash, his brilliant father, Orson, and the Space Kids can reach them in time is using an experimental technology: a powerful space cruiser that travels faster than any vehicle ever invented before. Their courage, teamwork, and resourcefulness will be crucial if they have any hope of completing their daring supply and rescue mission

Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison is an award-winning author of over 65 books for children. She is well-known for her books that empower children and champion the cause of animals and the environment. Aleesah has won or been shortlisted for many awards including the Book Excellence Awards, the Environment Award for Children’s Literature, the CBCA Awards, the Speech […]

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Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington is an energetic, multifaceted visual artist. Her artistic career spans over three decades, working in painting, illustration and concept creation and execution. Picture books are one of her real passions. Using her many styles and techniques she has the ability to interpret the written word and bring a story to life. Nancy uses traditional […]

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