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Space Kids


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Authors: Aleesah Darlison Illustrator: Nancy Bevington
Children, Adventure
128mm x 198mm

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Get ready to blast off on a fun-filled, fast-paced adventure that’s out of this world! The year is 2088. Eleven-year-old Nash Steele travels from his home on Earth to Misty Space Station hoping to spend time with his estranged father, Orson. When Nash arrives, he meets two Space Kids: Raj and KC and they quickly hit it off.  But when dangerous incidents and multiple malfunctions start occurring, Nash is convinced that the space station is under attack.

Can the Space Kids find out who is sabotaging Misty and bring them to justice before it’s too late?

Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison

Aleesah Darlison is a multi-published, award-winning Australian children’s author. She has written over fifty books for children including picture books, chapter books, novels, and series. In January 2021, Aleesah received an Australia Day Award from the Sunshine Coast Council. Aleesah has also won numerous awards for her writing including the 2015 Environment Award for Children’s […]

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Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington

Nancy Bevington is an energetic, multifaceted visual artist. Her artistic career spans over three decades, working in painting, illustration and concept creation and execution. Picture books are one of her real passions. Using her many styles and techniques she has the ability to interpret the written word and bring a story to life. Nancy uses traditional […]

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7 reviews for Space Kids

  1. Aleesah Darlison shoots for the stars and does it again with this new nail-biting mystery adventure series for young readers. Guaranteed to hook any reluctant reader and thrill everyone who loves science-fiction, you’ll be over the moon with the Space Kids series.

  2. A thrilling space adventure jam-packed full of action and drama from beginning to end. Space Kids: Sabotage is filled with a colourful and charming cast of characters that are out of this world. A space mystery that will remain a favourite with children. A must read.

  3. Brilliant! Readers are in for a treat that is out of this world. Prepare to be jettisoned by the seat of your pants into a thrilling cosmic adventure. Thoroughly enjoyable!

  4. I had a blast reading Space Kids! Space and sci-fi fans will be captivated with the sensational Misty Space Station setting and will be wishing they were joining Nash and his friends up there too. I loved the unravelling mystery throughout the book, along with the bursts of high-adrenaline thrills. Aleesah Darlison perfectly captures what it’s like to be exploring outer space and Nancy Bevington’s illustrations help to build up a thrilling adventure. I can’t wait to see what Nash, KC and Raj get up to next!

  5. I was hooked from the first illustration of a robot dog-ferret and it only got better from there. Action packed from page one, Space Kids: Sabotage took me into a world of adventure, fun, and excitement. With drama, suspense, and a surprise villain, young readers will be emersed in the mission to save the space station. A must read.

  6. Set in the future, this action-packed space adventure will have young readers enthralled from beginning to end as they follow how Nash, Raj and KC (known as the Space Kids) unravel a mystery on Misty Space Station. Aleesah has created a unique setting, witty narrative, and likeable characters everyone will love. Accompanying illustrations are a fabulous asset to those newly independent readers who need some extra support. This story is full of just the right amount of humour, tension, danger, and sabotage – a reader’s delight! And I promise you a few twists will keep all readers guessing right until the end.

  7. The illustrations by Nancy Bevington deserve recognition for the wonderful expressiveness of the characters – alive and robotic – and the way she has reflected the drama of the text through accenting the diagonal in her layout. The characters just jump off the page.
    Space Kids Sabotage is definitely a page-turner so try to make the time to read it through from start to finish in one sitting. Once you start, I can assure you, it’s hard to put down.

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