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Stacey Casey and the Cheeky Outlaw

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Authors: Michael C Madden
Mystery, Adventure
128mm x 198mm

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Stacey, Oliver and Mr Casey are 100 million years in the past looking at dinosaurs. Suddenly they find themselves chased by an angry lightning claw and escape by an emergency jump back to 2022. Now they have two problems: a stowaway baby cooperensis dinosaur and a damaged time machine. To try and fix things they travel back in time to 1880s Australia where they find themselves faced with more challenges – outlaws, explorers and a mystery that could destroy the universe!

Stacey Casey is a fun and adventurous middle grade series that will take kids on a wild ride into the past.

On their journey, readers will discover surprising and sometimes hidden and fascinating historical facts as the friends travel back in time where they encounter villains, heroes, tantalising mysteries and intriguing adventures that will keep kids guessing.

Michael C Madden

Michael C Madden

Michael C. Madden is an author, photographer and medal mounter. He is the founder and host of the podcast, Australia Remembers. Michael has written four novels and two major history books. He runs his own military medal business in Berwick, Victoria. In recognition of his work on his book, The Victoria Cross – Australia Remembers, […]

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2 reviews for Stacey Casey and the Cheeky Outlaw

  1. Historical fiction is a valuable way to take students back to previous times so they can immerse themselves in the way of life then and thus get a better understanding of the events that occurred and the decisions that were made, some of which may still be impacting them today. This new series for independent readers who have developed that concept of times and lives past being real, as opposed to the futuristic, imaginary world that much of contemporary literature places itself in, is another opportunity to broaden horizons. For example, in the first story they find themselves still in their home town but in 1964 so students might like to investigate what their own town was like in 1964, perhaps interviewing residents who were there then or investigating how it has changed over 60 years and the causes for those changes, thus developing an understanding of how the past can reach out to shape the present.
    Teachers’ notes linked to Australian Curriculum outcomes offer suggestions for implementing these sorts of investigations with a strong theme of linking today’s students’ lives to the events in the story, such as being accused of something they haven’t done, ensuring that the series is more than just a fictional recount of past events.

  2. If you’re looking for a middle school novel brimming with myriad History, English and Science curriculum areas, this is the one. Michael C. Madden weaves a huge number of themes together in a crisp new way too. There’s none of the confusion as in many mystery stories – some of the stronger themes are: time travel, Australian historical narratives, palaeontology, family and friendship. Listen to Michael’s own book teaser.
    The Teachers notes outline the themes and all curriculum areas. For stimulating discussion questions for each chapter simply download the notes here. (184p)

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