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Surburban True Crime

Australian cases you'll never forget and some you've never heard of

Authors: Emily Webb
True Crime
153mm x 230mm

Chilling cases of murder and crime that have happened in the quiet streets of Australia’s suburbs.

Featuring contemporary cases as well as some shocking historical murders you’ve probably never heard of, Suburban True Crime proves you shouldn’t say “it could never happen here”.

This collection of cases that are hard to believe, except they really happened – and all in the streets and homes of the Australia many of us know and live. The suburbs.

These cases range from recent murders to some historical stories that will shock and surprise. Some of the cases you’ll know and there’s crimes you’ve never heard of. These cases will shock and surprise you including the still-unsolved mistaken identity murder of Melbourne mother Jane Thurgood-Dove and the horrifying story of a man who killed in Australia and then was released from prison, only to kill again in the United States.

There’s also some historical crimes that shocked the community at the time but have now faded into obscurity, including cases of child murder in the 1970s. Think nothing ever happens where you live? Think again.

Emily Webb is a journalist, true crime author and co-host of the popular Australian True Crime podcast.

Emily Webb

Emily Webb

Emily Webb is a Melbourne-based journalist, author and podcaster who co-hosts the popular Australian True Crime podcast. She lives in suburbia with her husband and two children. Emily is the author of Angels of Death: Doctors and Nurses who Kill and Suburban True Crime (previously published as Murder in Suburbia and Suburban Nighmare). She also […]

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