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Surburban True Crime

Australian cases you'll never forget and some you've never heard of

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Authors: Emily Webb
True Crime
153mm x 230mm

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Chilling cases of murder and crime that have happened in the quiet streets of Australia’s suburbs.

Featuring contemporary cases as well as some shocking historical murders you’ve probably never heard of, Suburban True Crime proves you shouldn’t say “it could never happen here”.

This collection of cases that are hard to believe, except they really happened – and all in the streets and homes of the Australia many of us know and live. The suburbs.

These cases range from recent murders to some historical stories that will shock and surprise. Some of the cases you’ll know and there’s crimes you’ve never heard of. These cases will shock and surprise you including the still-unsolved mistaken identity murder of Melbourne mother Jane Thurgood-Dove and the horrifying story of a man who killed in Australia and then was released from prison, only to kill again in the United States.

There’s also some historical crimes that shocked the community at the time but have now faded into obscurity, including cases of child murder in the 1970s. Think nothing ever happens where you live? Think again.

Emily Webb is a journalist, true crime author and co-host of the popular Australian True Crime podcast.

Emily Webb

Emily Webb

Emily Webb is a Melbourne-based journalist, author and podcaster who co-hosts the popular Australian True Crime podcast. She lives in suburbia with her husband and two children. Emily is the author of Angels of Death: Doctors and Nurses who Kill and Suburban True Crime (previously published as Murder in Suburbia and Suburban Nighmare). She also […]

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12 reviews for Surburban True Crime

  1. Emily Webb is a well-respected voice in the true crime space. Suburban True Crime gives the reader a great insight into the underbelly of suburban living, and a look inside the horror of what can happen when things go tragically wrong. A hallmark of Emily’s storytelling is the compassion and sensitivity she brings to all involved. Suburban True Crime is a fabulous collection of stories.

  2. Emily Webb is one of Australia’s best true crime storytellers. She has the ability to draw us into a tale, lay out the facts, then terrify us with its reality. But Emily never forgets the humanity — the victims and their families are never forgotten or disrespected with Emily Webb’s words.
    Suburban True Crime is a cracking read. It’s full of suspense and mystery — but not of the Hollywood variety — instead Emily Webb writes about our streets and suburbs. We know these places all too well. That’s that makes it so gripping.
    This is not just another true crime book. It’s as close to home as it gets.

  3. Emily Webb is an extremely talented writer, with an incredible ability to breathe life back into past cases. This book (and her podcast) are both highly significant resources to those interested in the history of Australian true crime.

  4. Superbly researched and precisely and concisely written, Suburban True Crime examines the true underbelly of Australian crime. The stories contained within the book remind us that the worst of the crimes committing in this country are not some excluded few; perpetrators from which we can separate ourselves. Instead, they are the people in your neighbourhood, on your street, even next door…
    Containing an assortment of lesser known, yet no less powerful, true crimes from across a broad spectrum of timeframes and locations, Suburban True Crime takes the reader back to some of Australia’s most intriguing cases. An interesting selection of crimes which, through their re-examination, allows the reader to re-visit and analyse these cases within their historical contexts.
    The depths of true crime in the Australian landscape goes far deeper than the mainstream media portrays. Beyond the famous criminals who gain near ‘cult’ status, the truth of ‘true’ crime in this country is the everyday crimes that do not receive the same attention; everyday Australians suffering some of the most horrific crimes. Powerful and compelling, Suburban True Crime is an extraordinary read about ordinary Australians.
    Suburban True Crime is a powerful book in that, not only does it trace many of Australia’s most unknown true crime cases, but it leaves the reader with a sense of lack of justice. Killers going uncaught, insufficient sentences or criminals being let out early. This compelling series of Australian crime cases reminds the reader that, while the criminals receive their judicial sentences, the families and friends of the victims are left to suffer a life sentence of their own.

  5. Emily Webb’s Suburban True Crime provides a fascinating insight into the “average” lives of suburbia and what happens when the suburban dream goes horribly wrong.
    Suburban True Crime intertwines remarkable storytelling with Webb’s innate ability show empathy for those impacted by crimes.
    A must read for all true crime enthusiasts.

  6. New True Crime Book revisits local murder
    Emily Webb has spoken and written about plenty of grisly murders in the past few years.

    “My passion really is about cold cases and lesser known cases, where people need to remember the impact of crime on people,” she said.

    “It’s just about lived experience. People are interested in knowing about that and if it is a crime that’s happening in their neighbourhood, it’s a shock.”

    The Knox-based journalist, true-crime author and podcaster’s new book Suburban True Crime: Australian cases you’ll never forget and some you’ve never heard of will be published on May 18, featuring stories from around the country of shocking and often unsolved cases.

    Ms Webb said several cases have stayed with her over the years, including one close to home.

    “Nanette Ellis’s murder in Boronia is a case that I’ve followed for a number of years. In fact, I reported on it when I was a journalist at Leader newspapers,” she said.

    “In 1984, someone came into her house and stabbed her to death. It’s a very strange crime; it is unsolved to this day.”

    Ms Webb said aside from her murder occurring during broad daylight at her own home as she prepared to go out with friends, there were other strange coincidences occurring during the time before her murder.

    “She’d had her car vandalized on her driveway and a few times when she had been driving to work from Boronia up to Belgrave — she would have gone up along Burwood Highway — she had rocks thrown at her car. Was she being stalked?” Ms Webb said.

    “We listen to true crime because we want to understand why this happens. We get asked a lot why do a lot of women listen to true crime and read true crime? I think subconsciously women want to try and work out how they can keep themselves safe.”

    Ms Webb — who has co-hosted the Australian True Crime podcast since 2017 — said there are several other cases of violent crime occurring in the eastern suburbs.

  7. A compelling, insightful and powerful book which sheds new light on some of Australia’s most infamous homicides and explores some equally terrible murders that never made the news.
    I love Emily’s crisp journalistic newsy style which is balanced with her own personal empathy and understanding of the anguish these sorts of crimes cause to the people left behind. I loved it and highly recommend it as a great compilation of stories that should be on every true crime enthusiasts book shelf. Looking forward to the next one Emily.

  8. Definitely a gritty, dark and for some readers a confronting book. Quite a few well-known cases but there were some that I had also never heard of. This is a surface level look into crimes happening in areas which we assume don’t and won’t become places of serious crime. A top read for any true crime lover!

  9. Emily Webb from the hugely successful podcast Australian True Crime is a superb writer as well as podcaster. In Suburban True Crime, she gives the reader an insider view into some gripping crime cases from the suburbs.

  10. This is a ripper. Emily Webb is one of Australia’s best true crime writers and this collection of close-to-home tales makes for a great read. These are stories that are not draped with Hollywood pizzazz — they’re real stories that happened in places we know all too well.

  11. Haven’t been able to put it down since I started it!

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