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Take a Financial Leap

The 3 golden rules for financial and life success

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Authors: Pete Wargent
finance, wealth, life success
155mm x 230mm

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An inspirational and motivating book that shows how three ‘’golden rules’’ can be used to accelerate results and set exciting and inspiring goals – not only when investing in property or shares, but also in business and all areas of life.

Much more than just another investment book, Take a Financial Leap looks at the psychology of success and how by simply mastering three easy rules, the results readers can achieve are almost limitless. Pete Wargent, a successful financial commentator, investor and author, has written an easy to read and understand guide, using lots of practical case studies and personal stories to show readers how to:

  • Set big, exciting and inspiring goals
  • Use compound growth and ‘’snow-balling” to generate wealth
  • Understand the psychology of success and how to achieve emotional mastery
  • Learn how to become a long-term, successful share market investor
  • Create substantial and lasting wealth through real estate
  • Build a successful business or career in the field of their passion
  • Escape the rat race and live the life they chose, rather than one dictated to them by a pay cheque

This book is a detailed plan for accelerating success and achieving financial freedom and success at any age across all aspects of life. It is a practical and motivating book that uses 3 simple rules to provide a road-map for taking finance and life goals to the next level.

Pete Wargent

Pete Wargent

Pete Wargent has a strong financial background having work for a number of professional finance organisations in Australia and the UK. He holds several top financial qualifications being a Chartered Accountant, Chartered Secretary and having a Financial Planning Diploma. Having worked in the professional environment for the past decade he understands the mindset of today’s […]

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3 reviews for Take a Financial Leap

  1. Pete Wargent has produced another outstanding book. This book is not only about financial success, however, it also delivers a broader framework for success and happiness in your overall life. Continuing on from ‘1192’, Pete sheds light on the different things we can do to build a sustainable and bright lifestyle for ourselves by offering a genuine and practical approach to financial success.

  2. Another great book from Pete Wargent. This one is great because it really helps you think about creating your ideal life and how to get there! Specifically you will gain insights on how to turn your passions/skills into an income

  3. Fantastic read, cannot recommend highly enough. Pete has contributed so much high quality advice and insight to the financial world in the last few years, and long may it continue. With so much misinformation and self-interest in the finance world (shares & property alike), it is so refreshing to get honest and easy to understand insights with no vested interest. As a wise man once said, “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough”, and Pete does a great job of making complex topics easy to follow for the layman. Highly recommended.

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