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Thank You

How to turn a grey day into a Yay day

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Authors: Josh Langley
Kids, wellbeing, self esteem
200mm x 200mm

Josh Langley is the Todd Parr of Australian kid’s books.

An infectious, fun, and powerfully positive book brimming with ideas to nurture gratitude in kids of every age.

Can you really change how you feel with only a thought? You sure can!
Learn how to turn a grey day into a Yay day.
Turn a frown into a smile.
And discover the power of a simple thank you.

Exploding with joy and hope, Thank You will support children (and parents) through tough days and anxious times.

‘Thank You’ is the perfect antidote for growing anxiety in young minds. Packed with practical “Thank You” empowers kids to discover their own superpower and find strength in their words and actions.

Praise for Josh Langley
“Josh Langley is the Todd Parr of Australian kids books.”

“I will share this book far and wide with every parent I know. It’s the message we all want our kids to have. Josh Langley is a world-class children’s author.” – Sally Gray ND Life Mastery Incubator

“Langley reignites inspirational literature “– Good Reading Magazine

“I highly recommend this book for everyone–parents, children, schools, public libraries–anyone or anyplace that involves feelings!” – Sally Fawcett, Kids Book Review

“Important themes weaved together with skill, honesty and humour that both kids and adults will enjoy with a big smile on their face.” – Sonia Bestulic – Children’s Author & Speech and Language Pathologist

“Love every page of it: the colour, the wisdom: an inspirational book and a must for counsellors, teachers, parents and anyone working with children.” – Dr. Patricia Sherwood Child Psychologist

Langley’s little books with BIG messages of self-help and self-esteem are a house favourite here. Brilliant! – Good Reading

Josh Langley

Josh Langley

Josh Langley failed high school twice, but that didn’t stop him from becoming a multi award-winning radio copywriter and award-winning children’s author. His quirky and inspirational books have inspired thousands of people around the world. Josh is a passionate advocate for both kids and adult mental health having been diagnosed with Anxiety later in life. […]

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9 reviews for Thank You

  1. “Josh’s latest offering is a delight for both big and little kids alike… I get such joy in unveiling the pages of illustrations and words of wisdom in his books with clients, and this one didn’t disappoint. Thank you Josh – very grateful for all you do 💗”

  2. “Yay! Josh Langley has written another much-needed book! While it’s supposedly a children’s book, it’s equally beneficial for grown-ups. Josh artfully demonstrates why gratitude is such an important emotion, how it supports you and others and, yes, how it turns Blah into Yay. Thank you so much, Josh! Brilliant!”

  3. “I loved it! I think this book will help kids so much! I love how you made a section for kids to write what they’re grateful for. I love how you illustrate your own books yourself.”

  4. “This book teaches kids that they have the power to turn their day around. When darkness creeps in, kids can use this book to turn on their light. Josh explains the power of gratitude in such a fun, magical way. We LOVE this book, Josh!”

  5. “Wonderful book! A beautiful collection of words and illustrations, reminding little ones that gratefulness makes the world and everything in it, feel so much better!”

  6. “WOW! I know I say this every single time I read one of your books but I think this one has to be my fave. It spoke to my adult heart so perfectly because would you believe I was having a bit of a blah evening, and this lifted my whole heart.”

  7. “Thank You” is a heartwarming and uplifting book that helps children grasp the power of gratitude in making them feel wonderful on the inside. With delightful illustrations, Josh’s latest creation is bound to captivate young readers’ imaginations. An invaluable resource for both teachers and parents alike.”

  8. “We know that gratitude has become a hugely important focus in many circles and, of course, self-regulation has been de rigour in instructional settings for some time. This new title will be an amazing and enjoyable adjunct to your pursuit to provide the kiddos in your sphere with the emotional armour they need”

  9. “The perfect addition to Josh Langley’s brilliant series! ‘Thank You: How to turn a grey day into a Yay day’! shares a delicate balance of quirky, relatable humour, with deep, important messages. This book beautifully bundles the practice and the power of gratitude; whilst gifting “love at first sight” illustrations, sprinkling colourful gratitude into the hearts and minds of kids and adults alike. Thank YOU, Josh Langley!

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