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The Battle of Bardia

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Authors: Craig Stockings

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On the morning of 3 January 1941, Australians of the 6th Division led an assault against the Italian colonial fortress-village of Bardia in Libya. The ensuing battle was the first battle of the Second World War planned and fought predominantly by Australians. Remarkably the fortress fell to the attackers in a little over two days after the attack began, in a victory heralded at the time in Australia as one of the nation's greatest military achievements. Subsequent battles may have overshadowed it, however, this book attempts to bring it back into the spotlight.

Craig Stockings

Craig Stockings

Craig Stockings is a Professor of History at the University of New South Wales.  He graduated from ADFA in 1995 with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History and Politics.  After graduating from the Royal Military College, Duntroon in 1996 he was commissioned as an infantry officer and served in a range of appointments, including […]

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1 review for The Battle of Bardia

  1. This is a review of the Kindle Edition. The Battle of Bardia is about the capture of Bardia (in Libya) during January of 1941, mainly by Australian forces. It has a great deal of individual detail, as you hear about this sergeant who was shot while peaking over the top of a trench, or this officer who captured over 1,000 with one other soldier and a Bren Carrier. What I find really interesting about the book is that how much went wrong for the Australians in the southern part of the battle in the first day. When you hear how lopsided the casualties were, once prisoners are counted, you wouldn’t think the Aussies had any issues at all.

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