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The Birth Book

Your Ultimate Guide to Safe and Confident Childbirth 2nd Edition

Authors: Dr Stephen Tong
Parenting, birth
153mm x 230mm

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Everything You Need to Know to Prepare for Labour and Birth.

The Birth Book is the ultimate guide for expectant parents-to-be. From one of Australia’s leading obstetricians, this best-selling book combines expert information, real stories and up-to-date research to earn its reputation as the essential ‘birth-bible’.

Packed with vital information – the stages of labour, modern pain relief options, vaginal birth, inducing labour, caesareans, monitoring the baby and post-birth recovery – your birth options are expertly explained and demystified. With new chapters examining birthing of twins and options for those who have previously had a caesarean section, The Birth Book simplifies complex medical information to transform childbirth anxiety into empowerment.

Professor Stephen Tong has guided thousands of births and is renowned as a leading specialist obstetrician in Australia and internationally. He steers global research programs chasing discoveries to make pregnancy and birth safer for mothers and babies. His mission is to prepare you for an informed, confident and safe birth experience.

A warm, wonderful and reassuring birth day companion.

Dr Stephen Tong

Dr Stephen Tong

Dr Stephen Tong is highly experienced obstetrician and researcher. He has dedicated his life to finding better ways of ensuring safer motherhood and childbirth. He has made world leading discoveries into some of the most perilous complications of pregnancy- stillbirth, preeclampsia, ectopic pregnancy and others. His singular aim for this book is to demystify the […]

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