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The Birth Book

Your guide to a positive birth experience

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Authors: Dr Stephen Tong
Parenting, childbirth
153mm x 230mm

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Many parents-to-be and their support people have little knowledge of what to expect in the birthing suite. Drawing on his extensive experience as a leading obstetrician and international researcher into safe childbirth, Professor Stephen Tong guides you through vital information to help prepare for a safe and happy birth day.

Simply written and accessible, the pages are packed with information and real life stories covering:

• The stages of labour and birth
• How different forms of pain relief, including epidurals, work
• Induction of labour, ceasars and assisted birth
• Monitoring of the baby and mother
• Post childbirth recovery

Professor Tong carefully and simply breaks down the evidence and facts to provide you with everything you need to know to turn anxiety and trepidation about childbirth into confidence, empowerment and cherished, life-long memories. The Birth Book is a warm, wonderful and reassuring companion for birth.

Dr Stephen Tong

Dr Stephen Tong

Dr Stephen Tong is highly experienced obstetrician and researcher. He has dedicated his life to finding better ways of ensuring safer motherhood and childbirth. He has made world leading discoveries into some of the most perilous complications of pregnancy- stillbirth, preeclampsia, ectopic pregnancy and others. His singular aim for this book is to demystify the […]

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25 reviews for The Birth Book

  1. This book is incredible! It is extremely informative yet easy to read. I was given so many books during my pregnancy and this was by far the best. It eased so many birth related anxieties and answered all of my questions. Thank you professor Tong.

  2. “An absolute gem in the jungle of obstetric (mis)information, and laugh-out-loud easy reading.”

  3. “Funny, entertaining and educational. You cannot ask for more when preparing for the birth of your baby. Read it and thank me later”

  4. “This is the birth-bible for expecting parents.”

  5. “Using humour and plain language, Professor Tong details how obstetricians think, and why. A great read for doctors; a must read for expectant parents.”

  6. “A great book explaining the workings of an obstetrician’s mind! A must read for soon-to-be parents”

  7. Hugely informative, witty and compassionate, this book completely demystified birth.”

  8. “An informative and entertaining ‘road-map’ towards birth and the many different routes the journey might take you on.”

  9. “The Birth Book is approachable, amusing, and heartfelt.”

  10. “A complete & comprehensive journey through labour & birth. Filled with current evidence, witty humour and raw honesty.”

  11. “A realistic account exposing the truth behind one of the most intimate experiences in human life. Prepare yourself for a brilliantly written journey of laughter and enlightenment.”

  12. “This book provides an evidence based and non-biased approach to labour in all its facets.”

  13. “Stephen makes complex information easy to understand, with his characteristic wit & humility.”

  14. “Stephen’s unique way of approaching birth, steeped in science but swathed in soul, is an uplifting one that brings joy and laughter instead of fear and tears to the birthing suite.”

  15. ” Humourous anecdotes coupled with a clear, unbiased and supportive view on what to expect makes this a must-read for every soon-to-be Mum and her birthing team.”

  16. “It was INCREDIBLE! One minute I was wowing, then I was LOLING and at times even crying- especially at the end! This book honestly gave me goosebumps.”

  17. “It’s like no book that I read before the birth of my three children, and without a doubt the one book that I needed.”

  18. “It was very informative and easy reading without getting lost in technical talk.”

  19. “I LOVED this book. Prof Tongs explanation of each stage of labour, different birthing outcomes and their associated risks (and pros) was fabulous.”

  20. “This book goes step by step through the labour and birth process-it is incredibly detailed and well researched and yet mixed in with humour throughout. I am thoroughly enjoying it and feeling well equipped going into my next birth.”

  21. “Easy to read and understand. Tells you everything you want to know. The author is so funny!”

  22. “Like Goldilocks with porridge, I thought this one was justtttttttttt right!.”

  23. “I had no idea where to start when my partner became pregnant. Highly recommend for all boyfriends/husbands/partners”

  24. “It’s a good light read, so much so, my partner took it on the train and read it over his commute, and now he feels equipped to support me on the big day! If I could give it 10 stars, I would!”

    Sarah, mum-to-be, Melbourne

  25. “This is a great book to add to your pre-birth prep. It demystifies birthing in a hospital and is very reassuring. It places medical interventions in context and I would recommend it also to parents that have had a more difficult birth experience as a helpful debrief. Heads up it is full of “dad joke” level humour, but as a new parent that is your life now.”

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