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The Birth Book

Your guide to a positive birth experience

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Authors: Dr Stephen Tong
Parenting, childbirth
153mm x 230mm

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Many parents-to-be and their support people have little knowledge of what to expect in the birthing suite. Drawing on his extensive experience as a leading obstetrician and international researcher into safe childbirth, Professor Stephen Tong guides you through vital information to help prepare for a safe and happy birth day.

Simply written and accessible, the pages are packed with information and real life stories covering:

• The stages of labour and birth
• How different forms of pain relief, including epidurals, work
• Induction of labour, ceasars and assisted birth
• Monitoring of the baby and mother
• Post childbirth recovery

Professor Tong carefully and simply breaks down the evidence and facts to provide you with everything you need to know to turn anxiety and trepidation about childbirth into confidence, empowerment and cherished, life-long memories. The Birth Book is a warm, wonderful and reassuring companion for birth.

Dr Stephen Tong

Dr Stephen Tong

Dr Stephen Tong is highly experienced obstetrician and researcher. He has dedicated his life to finding better ways of ensuring safer motherhood and childbirth. He has made world leading discoveries into some of the most perilous complications of pregnancy- stillbirth, preeclampsia, ectopic pregnancy and others. His singular aim for this book is to demystify the […]

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1 review for The Birth Book

  1. This book is incredible! It is extremely informative yet easy to read. I was given so many books during my pregnancy and this was by far the best. It eased so many birth related anxieties and answered all of my questions. Thank you professor Tong.

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