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The Cricket Tragics Book of Cricket Extras

Volume 2

Authors: Marc Dawson

From around the globe to your local park, The Cricket Tragic’s Book of Cricket Extras captures the highs and lows,the ups and downs and the ins and outs of this glorious game we call cricket.

Whether it be outstanding or esoteric performances on the field, or bizarre and baffling incidents off the field, fascinating facts on all aspects of the game can be found within these covers.

In Volume 2 you will find out about the Indian batsman who scored three triple-centuries in a month, the two first-class cricketers murdered by gunmen in the same year, the South African Test cricketer who played hockey for his country and also appeared at Wimbledon and the Australian Test cricketer who played a part in the TV mini-series Bodyline.

The pages within are crammed with a vast array of oddities the world over that will entertain and amuse sports enthusiasts of all ages. With every cricketing nation represented, you will be taken on the ultimate cricket tour.

With an abundance of statistical tables, celebrity ‘Dream Teams’, unusual photographs, stories and quotes from players and observers alike, The Cricket Tragic’s Book of Cricket Extras is a must have book for cricket and sports fans alike.

Marc Dawson

Marc Dawson

Marc Dawson is an ABC newsreader and the ultimate ‘cricket tragic’ notching up in excess of 14 books on the subject over the past 20 years.

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