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The Land Belongs To Me

Authors: Alys Jackson Illustrator: Illustrator Shane McGrath
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Children, Family

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An inspirational rhyming tale about the importance of sharing, solving conflict and caring for our world.

The land is mine …
From the daisy to the tree …
Each and every flower …
Every twig belongs to me!

From the beetle to the general and the animals and people in between, every creature stakes a claim on the land … from the cities to the islands, to every rock, nook and cranny … But where can this lead? What will be left? Perhaps the wise worm has the answer.

A delight to read aloud!

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Alys Jackson

Alys Jackson

Alys’s poetry and short stories have appeared in magazines, anthologies and online journals across the world. In 2017, she received the Poetry Award at the Henry Lawson Festival of Arts and the Harold Goodwin Short Story Award. Her first picture book comes after years reflecting on her travels and sharing her stories and wisdom on […]

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Illustrator Shane McGrath

Illustrator Shane McGrath

Shane McGrath was born in Melbourne and has a brother and two sisters. His dad says he was named after a Hollywood cowboy. His mum says he was always talented (all mums say that) and one of the first artworks Shane made was when he bit his toast into the shape of a horse. He […]

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2 reviews for The Land Belongs To Me

  1. children will easily see the outcome of land disputes and through this story, predict what will happen when such disputes occur. They will be relieved when turning the page the story comes to a resolution, one that more should abide by. – Fran Knight

  2. The illustrations engender a feeling of comedy behind the story, diffusing the reality somewhat, making it more palatable to younger readers. This will readily encourage students to talk about their environment, who owns it and just who is responsible. ReadPlus

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