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The Madness Locker | Big Sky Publishing


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The Madness Locker

Authors: Eddie Russel
Thriller, Fiction
153mm x 230mm

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In the early hours of Christmas morning the body of an elderly widow is discovered inside a wheelie bin in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, Australia. There are no clues and no suspects. After an extensive investigation the police file the crime as a cold case. Four decades earlier two young girls living under the tyranny of a brutal and dictatorial Nazi regime experience a fateful twist leading one to escape to freedom and the other to be subjected to incarceration in a concentration camp. No one could have predicted that forty years later their paths will cross again in Australia. A chilling reminder: the past will always come back to haunt you …

Eddie Russel

Eddie Russel

Eddie Russel┬áhas a degree in English literature and Masters in Creative writing. Born and raised in the then English colony of East Africa to English parents, he immigrated to Australia to complete his schooling before moving to San Diego to work in technology. He is now settled back in Australia with his life partner and […]

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