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The Oboe Landings


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Authors: Dayton McCarthy
WWII, Japan
170mm x 245mm

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* No 32 in the Australian Army Campaign Series

In mid-1945, the Australian 7th and 9th Divisions conducted three amphibious operations – code-named Oboe – on Borneo. The Allies enjoyed command of the sea and the air, and used both to isolate and pummel the Japanese defenders.

The Borneo landings – well planned, resourced and executed – are rightly considered the acme of amphibious operations, yet their strategic and operational utility has been questioned. By 1945, US forces had retaken the Philippines and were pressing towards Japan, while Australia was tasked with the conduct of these landings. Japan had yet to surrender and there was still fighting ahead, but Japan’s defeat was certain.

This book describes the planning and execution of the three landings: Oboe 1 on Tarakan, Oboe 6 on Brunei and Oboe 2 on Balikpapan. Although the political and strategic context is covered, this book focuses on operations and tactics, and demonstrates how the Oboe operations benefited from amphibious expertise developed in the Pacific theatre. As amphibious operations bring together land, naval and air assets to act in concert, amphibious expertise is joint in nature. This expertise comprised the development and use of specialist equipment, creation of fit-for-purpose command and control systems, joint and Allied interoperability and an overall amphibious mindset.

Dayton McCarthy uses official histories and war diaries to explain these complex operations, focusing on the often-overlooked aspects such as the logistics, staff work and planning and the role of air and naval forces. As Australia again re-examines the role of amphibious operations in its near region, the subject matter of this book is timely.

Dayton McCarthy

Dayton McCarthy

Dayton McCarthy has a Ph.D and a Graduate Certificate of Science from the University of New South Wales. He is an Academic Fellow at Emmanuel College, the University of Queensland and a visiting lecturer at the UQ School of Business. He is the author of The Once and Future Army; A History of the Citizen Military Forces, 1947-1974 and has […]

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1 review for The Oboe Landings

  1. In keeping with the other volumes in the Australian Army Campaigns Series, there is a wealth of additional information supporting the main narrative, not only in the form of copious photos, maps and diagrams, but also very detailed orders of battle and tables of organisation, informative biographies, descriptions of weapons and hardware, and much else besides. Also true to the goals of the series, there are some pertinent observations for and lessons to be learnt by current practitioners in the field of amphibious warfare.

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