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The Overthinkers

Four people, figuring out sex, love and how to get their lives together

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Authors: Lisa Portolan, Ben Cheong
Adult Fiction, General
153mm x 230mm

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“I laughed. I cried. Sometimes at the same time!’Tim Ferguson.

Portolan and Cheong’s voices stitch seamlessly together to lay out a funny, honest and extremely relatable story, so clearly born of the 2020s. I couldn’t get enough of it!  – Marlee Silva

Four people, figuring out sex, love, and how to ‘adult.’ Sydney – one of those places that just consumes you. A private school boy, a tortured drug dealer, a starving artist and a gay outcast, try to do their best as they navigate through the unspoken rules which govern the fast paced, status obsessed harbour city.

Benji: desperate to stand on his own, and be perceived as separate to his overachieving family.

Francesca: plotting her remarkable and glamorous future.

Leo: the confident gay-sian, but despite the pretence, lacks a sense of identity and self-worth.

Hamish: fell into drugs to distinguish himself.

Four stories interlaced together. Anxiety masked as confidence. Ambitions as arrogance. Insecurities which fester … until the cracks appear in the perfect façade.

Lisa Portolan

Lisa Portolan

Lisa Portolan is an author and researcher from Sydney. Her PhD relates to digital intimacies, in particular dating apps and modern romance. She has three books published, including best-selling, Happy As, and cult queer-lit hit, The Overthinkers. She writes regularly for The Conversation, in relation to love, intimacy and dating, and is featured on day-time […]

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Ben Cheong

Ben Cheong

Ben Cheong is a PR consultant and accidental first-time author of [NEW The Overthinkers. An openly-gay, cis man, and son of first-generation Chinese Malay immigrants, Ben grew up in suburbia as an outlier in both the ‘Aussie’ and Chinese communities. Instead, Ben attempted to make connections in a very closeted, young LGBT+ community. As a […]

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3 reviews for The Overthinkers

  1. This book gives me the feels of ‘A Secret Life of Us.’

  2. I flew through this book, it’s not my normal genre but I couldn’t put it down.
    Let me start out by saying, I don’t think there is one “perfect” character in this book.
    They’re shown in the gritty light of Sydney living – young adults finding their feet in the humdrum of Sydney living!
    Dealing with racial profiling, online dating, sexuality, body dysmorphia, drug addiction and more,
    This little book packs a punch in delivering how some of these bigger issues can become normalised in our minds, justified in our actions, and how sometimes we need to take a moment to really ask what it is that WE want out of life – that is to say beyond the expectations from friends, family, work, society and trends…

  3. This book is extremely relatable and I really enjoyed it.

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