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The Pink Snowman

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Authors: Alan Horsfield
Children, humorous early reader

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The snow is falling in the Blue Mountains and Krystal is bored. Tired of her father’s gentle teasing she convinces her book-loving neighbour, Jasper, to help her build a snowman.

Their snowman is a disaster. Not only is he out of shape, he is now turning pink and talking to them about his problem and he is really, really, REALLY not happy!

Krystal and Jasper are baffled and their efforts to keep their snowman white do not help the embarrassed snowman.

A fun-filled, imaginative, chapter book of improbable events.

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Alan Horsfield

Alan Horsfield

Alan Horsfield has published more than one hundred books, many of them educational texts in literacy and numeracy. His works have been published around the world. Alan is a former teacher and past president of the New South Wales Children’s Book Council and is a former judge for the New South Wales Premiers Book Awards. […]

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2 reviews for The Pink Snowman

  1. Krystal Clearwater is bored. She lives in the Blue Mountains and there is nothing to do. Outside there’s a heavy blanket of snow covering the yard and inside her father is busy with his model train set. Dad is a joker; he’s always telling stories and sometimes Krystal believes him. He suggests a bet: if she finds two matching snowflakes she will receive a fifteen dollar reward. Of course, her wise friend Jasper tells her the truth and she decides to build a snowman instead. After building a rather disastrous looking snowman, Krystal jokingly challenges the creature to ‘Stand up like a man!’ Much to her surprise he does and soon the two friends are busy finding him some eyes and solving the problem of his strawberry coloured body. Pat Kan’s lively paint and ink drawings add to the fun of Alan Horsfield’s narrative, suited to readers engaging with early chapter books. Rhyllis Bignell Ill. by Pat Kan. Big Sky Publishing. 2017. ISBN 9781925520439 (Age: 6-8) Snowmen. Blue Mountains NSW. Problem Solving.

  2. a funny and quirky story

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