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The SAS Deniables

Special Forces Operations, denied by the Authorities, from Vietnam

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Authors: Tony May
Special Forces Operations, Military
153mm x 230mm

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During the 10,000-day Vietnam war Australia had agreed with the United States to have a team of Australian Army Special Air Services (SAS) soldiers conduct covert missions into Cambodia. The SAS soldiers would be bivouacked in Thailand.

With their names changed for security and personal safety reasons, this is a dramatized story of events that actually happened involving a small band of Australian Special Air Service trained specialists involved in covert intelligence activities who were co-opted into the Defence Intelligence Organisation (DIO) repertoire of Plausibly Deniable assets deployed worldwide into the shadows of political indulgence in locations where Australian forces should not be seen or heard.

These Australian SAS Covert operations undertaken are incidents that have never before been exposed and include cross-sovereign-border infiltrations into Cambodia and the daily operations of the elimination of Viet Cong munition dumps. Also revealed are an unauthorized fatal attack by United States Army helicopters on SAS warriors; the rescue of French tourists kidnapped by Muslim terrorists in Mindanao, Philippines, and Operation Eye of the Storm into Northern Kuwait/Eastern Iraq evolving into Desert Storm.

As revealed these covert operations included offshore intervention of East Timorese Fretilin Terrorists sabotaging Australian offshore Exploration and Oil Drilling activities in the Timor Sea; Back Door into Hell during the Somalia conflict, plus covert black ops elimination of Muslim Jihadist activities on homeland soil assisted by Israeli intelligence.

This astounding exposé opens the closed door behind which governments operate to deal quietly with situations they prefer not to mention.

Tony May

Tony May

TONY MAY obtained a degree in Welding Engineering then entered the oilpatch construction industry spending multiple years working in Australia, Thailand and Indonesia managing fabrication facilities. At the conclusion of the Gulf War he joined the massive reconstruction project for the 1991 Kuwait oil fires project. Working and traveling the globe gave Tony copious amounts […]

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5 reviews for The SAS Deniables

  1. If you like me is interested in the gray side of military operations in history I strongly recommend this book.

  2. Huge war buff so this one was a no brainer for me.

    I enjoyed the story telling of these characters and what happened leading up to Desert Storm. This book is well written, well researched and uses fictitious names (obviously). I enjoyed the stories about Cambodia, Kuwait and even operations on the Australian mainland

  3. An exceptionally well written account of the untold heroes of these Special Forces men. The depth of information is very revealing especially to the uninitiated to military service. The people in this book really are unsung heroes who took their work & love for country to the nth degree. None of the debauchery of some of today’s special forces which give a black eye to these special unsung heroes. A A very good, interesting read.
    As an ex SBS naval man, I highly recommend this great read.

  4. Excellent read. A real page turner. The maps & photographs were very helpful & informative.
    Interesting how the author covered so many topics & countries as well as telling about what SAS really do. Unsung heroes!

  5. First and Foremost, The SAS ‘Deniables,’ was one of those books that I did not want to finish and limited my reading content to a few chapters per sitting.
    I was totally immersed from the get-go with Major Pete and his SAS team starting with their covert operations in Cambodia till the final chapter on the Islamic terrorists on Aussie soil.
    Having a background in the oil and gas and construction sectors, having worked the last 38 years in Thailand /SE Asia, Middle East, and Oz, and having visited most if not all of the geographical locations and distances mentioned in the book were exactly spot on for being 100% accurate in all peripheral details.
    Also, the oil -field jargon, the military jargon and other related (Manly) nomenclature was also spot on for accuracy and usage in my opinion.
    I thoroughly enjoyed each geographical SAS adventure and this made the book even more interesting per the many SAS missions and in great detail of each mission per all the lead and supporting characters.
    Re-iterating, even the smallest detail per each mission was written superbly,
    The final chapter was just as good as the first chapter.
    A lot of research, time and due diligence was obviously done by Tony to get all the technical terms and usage in the correct format.
    I am sure this book will be a best seller as there are tens of thousands of UK/Aussie/ US / NATO vets, construction hands and older guys, retired and living in SE Asia that would thoroughly enjoy this lovely book.

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