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There’s a Magpie in my Soup PB

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Authors: Sean Farrar Illustrator: Pat Kan
children's picture book, Aussie animals
230mm x 260mm

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Sean Farrar’s new children’s picture book combines two of the most entertaining things in life…. reading with kids and madcap Aussie animals.

“…a very funny rhyming story… enjoyable and entertaining.” – ReadPlus

Have you ever found a magpie in your soup whose wings have started to droop? Or what about that big black snake who’s hiding in your cake? Ever been ‘denied’ by a rude cockatoo in your loo?

There’s a Magpie in My Soup takes children and parents on a rollicking, rhyming journey with some crazy Aussie animals that pop up in the most unexpected of places around the house.

The first in the There’s a… series by author Sean Farrar, this book celebrates our Australian animals in a light-hearted, easy to read format. The next title in the series There’s a Koala in My Kitchen will be released in 2017.

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Pat Kan

Pat Kan

Pat Kan is a talented and versatile artist, illustrator and graphic designer who is a real whizz in kitchen. When he’s not playing soccer/tennis dad for his boys, he’s known to whip up a mean Tiramisu. He loves travelling and has some great travel stories … just ask him. He has illustrated several children’s books […]

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Sean Farrar

Sean Farrar

Sean’s journey to first time published children’s book author has taken a mere forty five years, collecting plenty of life experience through international travel, parenting, varied work experience and study along the way. Sean has written and produced real stories and profiles for programs such as ABC Radio National, The Sports Factor and Racing and […]

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3 reviews for There’s a Magpie in my Soup PB

  1. Not only is there a magpie in the soup, there is a big black snake in the cake, a cockatoo in the loo, a blue tongue lizard in the lunch, and many other crazy animals in strange situations, culminating in a tease about a giddy goanna who had gout. This is a very funny rhyming story that young children will love to listen to when it is read aloud and could appeal to the newly emerging reader. Lots of alliteration and similes bring the book to life and one of the rhymes makes the reader think – what is that marsupial in the milk? The illustrations by Pat Kan are very funny and clever. The image of the cockatoo emerging out of the loo, armed with a knife and fork and asking for food is one of many that catch the imagination and tickles the funny bone. Celebrating Australian animals, this light-hearted picture book is enjoyable and entertaining.

  2. A wonderfully illustrated zany, fun, rhyming book for young children. There is not only a magpie in the soup, there is a cockatoo in the loo, a possum in the pie and a blue tongue lizard in the lunch to name just a few. Pat Kan has done a sensational job illustrating this book.

  3. Ill. by Pat Kan. Big Sky Publishing. ISBN 9781925275681 (Age: 4-8) Recommended. There’s a magpie in my soup is a zany, fun rhyming story from debut author Sean Farrar. With the exception of the porcupine in bed, all the creatures featured are Australian animals. This read-aloud picture book will engage children in guessing the rhyming words and laugh at the silly situations they encounter – the snake on the cake and the cockatoo in the loo. In a two-page spread, we are introduced to the animal, the object in rhyme and then the vivid illustrations delightfully show the interaction. Pat Kan’s use of watercolour wash, pen and ink, cross hatching and action lines are whimsical and animated. The cute platypus with the fluttering eyelashes swims backstroke in the milk trying to make butter! There’s a very large grey and yellow cockatoo with crazy tongue emerging from the loo, who’s always asking for food! Share this with an Early Years class, at a preschool or kindergarten and learners will enjoy engaging with rollicking rhymes. This picture book is a great springboard in to writing rhyming poems and developing their own class anthology. Rhyllis Bignell

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