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Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy 4

Outback Adventure

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Authors: Jane Smith Illustrator: Pat Kan
Childrens book, Australian Adventure Series, Bushrangers
128mm x 198mm

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Tommy Bell’s safe outback holiday on a farm with Martin and Combo is turned upside down when Martin finds a pair of magic old bushranger’s boots. This time, when Tommy’s cabbage-tree hat sends him back to the past, his friend Martin is right there beside him.

The boys join their new friend, Harry, and his gang on a long cattle-droving expedition across Outback Australia. For once it seems as if a journey to the past might be pure, fun adventure, without any risk of running into bushrangers. But why did Harry lie about his past? And who are the ‘thievin’’ McKenzies? It looks like Tommy and Martin’s ‘Outback Adventure’ might be more dangerous than they expected …

Jane Smith

Jane Smith

Jane Smith, an accomplished author, archivist, editor and librarian, is dedicated to resurrecting captivating tales from history’s depths for readers of all ages. With a prolific portfolio spanning fiction and non-fiction since 2014, Jane has published over twenty books with a historical focus. Jane’s works have received national acclaim and earned multiple prestigious literary award […]

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Pat Kan

Pat Kan

Pat Kan is a talented and versatile artist, illustrator and graphic designer who is a real whizz in kitchen. When he’s not playing soccer/tennis dad for his boys, he’s known to whip up a mean Tiramisu. He loves travelling and has some great travel stories … just ask him. He has illustrated several children’s books […]

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7 reviews for Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy 4

  1. Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Outback Adventure, is the fourth book in the Tommy Bell, Bushranger Boy collection – a remarkable Australian series where fictional characters watch Australian history unfold before their eyes. I highly recommend it for educational institutions and independent readers.

  2. Australian history has never been more interesting. Author, Jane Smith, has captured the life of bushranger, Harry Readford, with accurate observation through the eyes of young characters, Tommy Bell and Martin.

  3. Outback Adventure is the fourth in this fantastic series about the young time-travelling Tommy Bell who goes back to the time bushrangers roamed the country whenever he dons a mysterious cabbage tree palm hat. This time he accompanies his bewildered friend Martin in an adventure with the cattle stealing Harry Readford.

  4. Outback Adventure ends with the usual historical note and a question and answer session with the bushranger and, like the other Bushranger Boy books, they are a wonderful way of introducing Australia’s colourful history to children (and their parents).

  5. These junior novels are an excellent resource; they support the Year 5 History Curriculum and provide understanding of the historical era, making them an easy to use research tool – comparing and contrasting daily life, transport and the motives behind the bushrangers’ actions

  6. Tommy Bell Bushranger Boy – Gang of Thieves, is the fifth book in the Tommy Bell, Bushranger Boy collection. It’s a remarkable Australian series where fictional characters watch Australian history unfold before their eyes. I highly recommend it for schools, independent readers, and for kids who love Australian history.

    Julieann Wallace – Book Reviews and Writer’s Ink

  7. Thanks very much Jane. I read the Tommy Bell books with my 7 year old last year as we travelled around Australia in the caravan. He absolutely loved them. I honestly think they were the ‘turning point’ in his love for reading.
    I have been given a 3/4 primary class for next year and think the students will love them as much as my son did. He absolutely did not want me taking his books into school with me.
    I love the rich language choices you’ve made throughout your books. They open up so many beautiful teaching moments to extend vocabulary and demonstrate the effectiveness of phrasing.

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