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Toodle the Cavoodle Crunchy Munchy PB

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Authors: Richard Tulloch Illustrator: Heidi Cooper Smith
Children's Fiction
230mm x 260mm

Toodle knows all the places to snaffle crunchy munchy treats in Lillipilly Lane. But there’s no cat food in Princess Purrfect’s bowl and Toodle senses something is wrong. What has happened to the clippy cloppy lady? Can Toodle be a hero and rescue her?

Toodle’s adventure sees him becoming unselfish when someone needs help — from one of Australia’s greatest storytellers.

“A charming story, told in rich, entertaining language with imaginative and inspiring illustrations – it’s a delight.”Noni Hazlehurst – Actor and Author

“I love spending time reading stories to my two grand-daughters, and Richard Tulloch’s Toodle the Cavoodle, Sniffle Snuffle is such a joy to read out loud. Toodle the Cavoodle is pure entertainment for the entire family!”Richard Wilkins, AM – Channel 9 Entertainment Editor

“Richard’s writing is brilliant and I love his use of rhyme and onomatopoeia. I’m so thrilled to have been asked to write Toodle’s theme song…it’s such a musical name…the song will write itself!’John Field – Composer (450+ songs for The Wiggles)

“Such a cute book about Toodle and his adventures smelling everything … the kids love it!”Rachelle.bingham (21,300 followers) (Mother to 2)

“We all loved Toodle!”Hayley Berlingere@sweetlittlestory (135,000 followers)(Mother to 4)

“Toodle the Cavoodle is such a cute story that any little pet lover will adore…”Melanie Malatinec@milandnoah (18,600 followers0 (Mother to 2)

“Such a fun book, our kids love this!”Cararyan @ cararyan (33,300 followers) (Mother to 2)

“The playfulness of Tulloch’s words is irresistible … a rollicking read-aloud. I have no doubt young children will want the adults in their lives to read Whoops-a-diddle over and over again” – Jane Smith, Author

Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch is one of Australia’s bestselling and popular authors of books, television and plays for children. He is the winner of five Australian Writers Guild awards, author of more than 60 children’s books and screenwriter to Play School, Bananas in Pyjamas and Fern Gully to mention a few! Richard’s plays for children include The […]

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Heidi Cooper Smith

Heidi Cooper Smith

Heidi Cooper Smith is a talented Australian author and illustrator who knew from the age of 11 she wanted to write and illustrate books. In 2014 she was offered her first contract to illustrate a picture book. In 2015 and 2016 Heidi won the CYA illustrated manuscript competition, leading to the creation of her first […]

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16 reviews for Toodle the Cavoodle Crunchy Munchy PB

  1. My little sister and I read this book and instantly fell in love with how cute the main character, Toodle, is. He is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy Poodle. And, if you are reading this, please convince our mum to adopt one!
    This kid’s book has a great storyline and teaches kids to try their best and not to give up.
    I would definitely recommend Toodle the Cavoodle – Crunchy Munchy. I really enjoyed reading it and it held my little sister’s attention.

  2. What a pleasure it was to review this book, thank you Beauty and Lace & Big Sky Publishing for this opportunity.
    I read this to my niece she thought Toodle was hilarious the adventures such fun. She loved the pictures and thought Toodle’s eyes were his best feature! She loved the story and was even worried about the incident but thankfully the story ended happily.
    As the adult reading the book I thought the story was well written and quite light hearted mainly focusing on Toodle’s. I love the art work it was so colorful and bright and bought a smile to my face looking at it….
    Well done Richard Tulloch and Heidi Cooper Smith for bringing such a beautiful book to a Child’s library.

  3. What a delightful book to read to my 3 year old great niece. She loves books and she loves dogs so this was a real winner to read out loud when she stayed over. Toodle the Cavoodle is a beautifully illustrated story of a dog who likes to roam the neighbourhood and visit all his friends for crunchy munchy snacks. One day he discovers one of his friends is in trouble and he enlists everyone else to help him, so there is a lovely hidden message in the story.
    A truly engaging story to read out loud and also a perfect book for those little ones starting their reading journey.

  4. Toodle the Cavoodle: Crunchy Munchy, is a delightful story written by Richard Tulloch and beautifully illustrated by Heidi Cooper Smith (Big Sky Publishing).

    This is a such a lively and fun 32 page picture book to read aloud – the rhyming words and onomatopoeia make it particularly appealing, and the big bright and colourful illustrations make it a visual delight as well. My young grandson loved it.

    Toodle is a friendly and playful puppy, he knows all the places and people in his neighbourhood from whom to snaffle crunchy munchy treats – the odd socks pop, the clippy cloppy lady, the grubby gumboots grandma, and the girl with sparkly sandals. Toodle’s lovable antics with his neighbours are sure to appeal to one and all.

  5. What a gorgeous, brightly, vibrant, colourful book about a puppy called Toodle and his life and adventures in a place called Lillypilly Lane.
    This book is very entertaining to kids from age 3+. It has a lot of rhymes and some of the main words are in bold so that when reading, you can actually emphasise the words out loud. When reading, it is actually like a tongue twister to pronounce the words.

    I, think this book would benefit people that have had mini strokes. It is the perfect book to really help people pronounce their words out loud and to get back to reading. I am saying this due to I was one of those people that needed to learn to read again over 20 years ago now.

    The cover depicts a huge picture of Toodle. The Illustrator Heidi Cooper Smith really makes Toodle stand out on the pages.

    Thank you to Beauty and Lace and Big Sky Publishing for sending me to read this book. The grandkids loved the story and now want a puppy like Toodle. I read where John Field has written a theme song for Toodle which I will definitely go on the hunt for to hear.

  6. What a cute book!! I read this to my 5 kids and they all loved hearing about Toodle to the point they’ve now requested the other toodle the Cavoodle books available. I also lent the book to my mum to read to my grandson who is in her care and he absolutely loved it too!!!.

    A major hit in our house!!

  7. Toodle the Cavoodle Crunchy Munchy by
    What a fun beautifully written children’s book
    I read this to a 3 and 5 year old, they loved the story about Toodle the puppy .
    The illustrations were beautiful and outstanding.
    A great book for children to read alone or to be read out loud .

  8. An absolutely delightful book with terrific illustrations. Children will love the story of Toodle the cavoodle – and what a hero! Toodle loves his treats, and he’s spoiled wherever he goes with lots of them, including from the lady with the cat, Princess Purrfect. One day when there’s no treats in the bowl from the lady with the cat he’s alarmed – something must be wrong! So he wriggles through the cat door, past the hissing Princess Perfect, and discovers the poor lady injured, sitting on the floor. The inventive way he raises the alert with humans who can help is wonderful! Loads of fun to read aloud for a young reader, and of course a happy ending.

  9. Toodle the Cavoodle – Crunch Munchie is such a fun book! My youngest kids (5 & 8) thought it was ‘a super good book’. They liked how Toodle became a hero in the end too!
    I liked that it wasn’t boring to read!
    We’ve added this book into our bedtime rotation too!
    Thank you for the fab read!

  10. As a domestic violence survivor, this story really hit home for me. I found myself walking in the victims’ shoes. I felt their fear and frustrations, and I grieved over their loss. A ‘normal’ family can hide harsh realities within the home. Domestic abuse can lie hidden in plain sight, and it most often does. Women find themselves trapped in a vicious cycle and they normalize pain and agony.

    This is not a story to read for pleasure. It is an educational read: a story that begged to be told and one that has the potential to save those who find themselves in abusive relationships. It also has the potential, if only the right people will read it and pay careful attention, to drive urgently needed reforms in the legal system; to educate police, lawyers, judges, and bureaucrats to understand domestic violence and to listen to and believe the victims and find effective and just ways to protect them from perpetrators.

    Although victims never think they will make it, the ones that do become survivors, determined to help other victims live through their ordeal, and restore peace and hope where there had been none for so long. I am grateful and commend the women and families for their courage in sharing their personal stories.

    Look What You Made Me Do, Fathers Who Kill will keep readers engaged and reading from the very first words all the way through the very last page. I applaud Megan Norris for sharing her insight with readers. I highly recommend it to those who like true crime.

  11. One word – wow! Look What You Made Me Do (Fathers Who Kill) by Crime Writer Megan Norris is hard going emotionally. Her book explores the pure evil revenge that these fathers inflict on the childrens mothers during marital breakdowns. These senseless punishments are given to make these poor women suffer more than they are already suffering through the acts of Domestic Violence they have endured in the lead up to the deaths of their sweet innocent children. Each story of the families in this book gives the insight of the acts of Domestic Violence, the control and manipulation that took place for each of these brave women, the lack of intervention by police and other parties who through lack of training, protocol, lack of following up, lack of knowledge and inadequate supports that could have changed the outcomes.
    I recognised a couple of the stories from what I have seen on the news and read in newspapers over the years with Hannah Clarke’s story the freshest in my mind. I cried as I read each of the 7 women’s stories and I cried for these poor children who will be forever young who should have been protected by their fathers not killed. My heart broke for them. Each woman (and they may not have felt like this at the time) in this book is a survivor – strong, brave and courageous.
    I personally found it difficult to read each of these stories as I could relate from personal experience. No, I am not a woman who was harmed by her partner but I’m now an adult who very nearly met the same tragic ending (at the hands of my own father) as these innocent children.
    When you find it gets too much emotionally and each story seems overwhelming (and sadly in some cases find it triggering) – take a break but I strongly urge you to keep reading. For me personally after years of therapy and now reading this book I have come to the powerful realisation (and finally believe and accept) that I’m no longer a victim – I am a survivor.
    I believe that this book should be mandatory reading for members of the Police Force and for those in the helping professions.

  12. What an eye opener to what happens behind closed doors ‘Look What You Made Me Do’ by Megan Norris was an emotional, personal and insightful into what fathers will do to get revenge on their ex-partners. Some stories I’ve heard of some I haven’t and to see what how these women tell their stories must of been difficult as the person they once loved turned into a monster and they’re talking about the good times. Tears were shed reading this book for the children and mothers who are not here and those who have gone through hell just by being alive.

  13. This book opens up the raw reality of domestic violence and how it is seen amongst most outsiders in society as nothing to be too concerned about until it is too late. These fathers manipulate, cunning, brutal and so controlling that the victims can`t go on to lead a normal life let alone feel free, safe, and totally happy again.
    The truth that is told was harrowing and broke my heart to pieces but it has to be told to spread the indescribable loss, injustice, sheer loneliness, and utter lack of support or help these women faced and still live through every single day because of these monsters that do the unthinkable.
    I have read Rosie Batty`s story before and was something that will never leave my mind and I could not even begin to imagine the pain of losing a child, let alone in this way. This book was of other women’s truths and although it left me with a heavy feeling in the very pit of my stomach and heart, it opened my eyes to different but similar situations, it is about time this was not swept under the rug.
    I want to first say a big thankyou to the women in this book that were brave enough to tell their true story and to Megan Norris for a respectfully written book as we need to go forward and change laws to protect women and these beautiful, innocent children.

  14. At first I was hesitant to read this book. I was almost second guessing myself for choosing it. Although I experience no abuse in my marriage, I am a mother and to think I was going to read about mothers losing their children, I wasn’t sure I could stomach it.

    I gave it a chance though and was surprised at how well this book is written. It is written in such a tasteful way that the actual details of the incidents are no more than you hear on the news or read online etc. what I found interesting was the lead ups and aftermaths of these tragedies. It was so well written I was happy to continue.

    It’s hard to stomach any tragedy let alone ones that include innocent children but I am glad I read this book as it gives you so much more insight into what gets missed in DV relationships and why people are now working so hard to get laws changed and have police trained better to be equipped to these situations. You never realise how evil some people truly can be until you read such a book at this.

    Well written book, would highly recommend. Wont be for everyone to stomach as it can be very upsetting at times.

  15. ’d heard about a few of the cases through the media that are in this book but some were new to me as well. Unfortunately there are way too many of these cases that exist. As you would expect, this book is confronting, raw and heartbreaking. This book covers topics that we need to be aware about so we can try make some difference in the future to prevent as many instances occurring.

    The author writes about each story well and gives us a deep understanding but it makes you feel helpless reading it, knowing what is to come and wishing that someone could have prevented it. It must have been very difficult for those involved to tell you their stories. It gives you insight into their lives before, leading up and after to the unimaginable tragic incidents that shape the rest of their lives. It’s a book you have to consume slowly and take breaks after each chapter (story) to digest, but one that you should read if you can. It’s not an easy read but it’s an important one.

  16. This is an amazing book but not for the faint hearted.

    “Look What You Made Me Do” by Megan Norris is a harrowing exploration of fathers who commit unimaginable acts of violence by killing their own children as a means of revenge against their partners. (Seriously, who does this!) Norris, delves into a range of tragic cases, shedding light on the devastating impact of family violence on mothers and the scars that are left behind.

    It explores the concepts that family violence turning deadly, affects not just women but also their children who are collateral damage in these aweful situations and highlighting the need for urgent legal reform, support and improved police training to assist (in this case) women in dangerous situateions before they become fatal ones.

    “Look What You Made Me Do” is a powerful and emotionally challenging read that highlights the need to address domestic violence and improve support systems for victims, highly recommended but understand this is not a fairy tale but an insight into what happens behind closed doors and why we need to do more.

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