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Toodle the Cavoodle Sniffle Snuffle HB

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Authors: Richard Tulloch Illustrator: Heidi Cooper Smith
Children's Fiction
230mm x 260mm

Toodle the Cavoodle loves finding smells in the scritchy, scratchy grass. But the grandparents of Lillipilly Lane love cleaning up and finding fresh uses for junk. They’re about to turn Toodle’s favourite sniffling snuffling patch into a neat and tidy park! Oh no! What will Toodle do?

Toodle’s adventure sees him adapting to change and making new friends – from one of Australia’s greatest storytellers.

‘A charming story, told in rich, entertaining language with imaginative and inspiring illustrations – it’s a delight.’ – Noni Hazlehurst – Actor and Author

Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch is one of Australia’s bestselling and popular authors of books, television and plays for children. He is the winner of five Australian Writers Guild awards, author of more than 60 children’s books and screenwriter to Play School, Bananas in Pyjamas and Fern Gully to mention a few! Richard’s plays for children include The […]

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Heidi Cooper Smith

Heidi Cooper Smith

Heidi Cooper Smith is a talented Australian author and illustrator who knew from the age of 11 she wanted to write and illustrate books. In 2014 she was offered her first contract to illustrate a picture book. In 2015 and 2016 Heidi won the CYA illustrated manuscript competition, leading to the creation of her first […]

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2 reviews for Toodle the Cavoodle Sniffle Snuffle HB

  1. Toodle the Cavoodle: Sniffle Snuffle is a fun read-aloud picture book the whole family will love. Filled with loads of sounds words, alliteration, and some internal rhyme thrown in for good measure, the story is definitely child-relatable. Toodle is a cute, friendly, and adventurous dog. He loves living in Lillipilly Lane where there are many people to see and lots of things to do … including sometimes getting into a spot of bother!
    Tulloch’s text overflows with energy, vibrancy, and bounce – just like a puppy dog! The character of Toodle is enticing, he exuding personality and charisma, and has a keen sense of adventure – just like child readers. Cooper-Smith’s rich, warm illustrations bring Toodle to life and she has even included a sweet little frog friend on most pages. With enticing characters that will melt your heart and a unique, interesting storyline, this picture book for young readers is sure to entertain. Suitable for children aged 3 – 7 years and definitely fun for the whole family.

  2. This is a new picture book series for young readers – Whoops-a-diddle is due in December – that will delight dog lovers with its charming artwork and roll-off-the-tongue language that changes a simple story into a family favourite.

    Both the Australian Curriculum and the new NSW syllabus have a focus on how the use of particular vocabulary promotes imagery and understanding of texts, and this is a perfect example of how the clever use of both alliteration and onomatopoeia combined with inspired design can invoke all the senses to make reading a 3D experience in the way that only print can. Young readers will love hearing and playing with the language and then making up their own – have a look at their own shoes and think of how they would describe themselves, and then the two words they would use for their grandpa or grandma or teacher or…? Have them lie in the grass and discuss how it feels or sniff the air and see what they can identify. Apart from playing with language, there are extensive, AC-linked teachers’ notes available.

    Taking it further is the hallmark of a quality read and this does it so well.

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