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Tragedy at Evian

How the world allowed Hitler to proceed with the holocaust

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Authors: Tony Matthews
Hitler, Holocaust

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In July 1938 the United States, Great Britain and thirty other countries participated in a vital conference at Évian-les-Bains, France, to discuss the persecution and possible emigration of the European Jews, specifically those caught under the anvil of Nazi atrocities. However, most of those nations rejected the pleas then being made by the Jewish communities, thus condemning them to the Holocaust.

There is no doubt that the Évian conference was a critical turning point in world history. The disastrous outcome of the conference set the stage for the murder of six million people. Today we live in a world defined by turmoil with a disturbing rise of authoritarian governments and ultra right-wing nationalism. The plight of refugees is once more powerfully affecting public attitudes towards those most in need. Now, on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and the end of the Second World War, it’s time to reflect on the past to ensure we never again make the same mistakes.

Tragedy at Évian also shines a spotlight on some of the astonishing and courageous stories of heroic efforts of
individuals and private organisations who, despite the decisions made at Évian, worked under extremely dangerous conditions, frequently giving their own lives to assist in the rescue of the Jewish people.

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews

Tony Matthews is a Queensland author who has dedicated almost his entire adult life to writing and researching Australian history. He also writes extensively on military and espionage history with a specific emphasis on both world wars. He is the author of more than thirty books including several historical novels.

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4 reviews for Tragedy at Evian

  1. Tragedy at Evian is deeply researched and comes up with some astounding revelations. I could not help thinking ‘surely not’ as I read time and again of the world turning it’s back on the Jewish population. It made me feel ashamed. By the time I finished this very well written book I had two words that constantly came to mind…if only…
    Steve Matthews (no relation to the author)

  2. This timely book serves as an important reminder of what happens when world leaders fail to act. When self interest and political cowardice triumphs over decency and respect for human life. In the end, it was individuals and private organisations who did the most to help a relatively small number of Jewish people escape the scourge of Nazi Germany.

  3. I put this book to one side so I could savour it and not have to meet a deadline. A wise decision.
    Thank you Mr Matthews. This book is being safely put amongst the Holocaust books on my shelf and will not be lent out.

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